Realism in video games means no women?

From Point & Clickbait: Battlefield 1 Doubles Down On Realism: Female Soldiers Out, Dysentery In

Shitting yourself to death is just part of a whole new raft of hyper-realistic features that will be included in Battlefield 1. An EA spokesperson explained that other consequences such as typhoid, malaria and amputations due to trench foot were “practically unavoidable”.

“We’re also pleased to announce that the single-player campaign will contain an unprecedented 257 hours of gameplay, 247 of which will be monotonous trench warfare with no end, no hope, and no food,” they continued. “As every hour passes there is a cumulative chance of your character being killed by artillery, starvation or friendly fire.”

“This kind of extreme realism is only possible because we diverted funds away from the female modelling department. It’s a decision we’re extremely happy with, and we believe that gamers will be as well.”

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