Get over it. Osama won.

Ian Walsh talks about the after-effects of 9/11. The fact is that 9/11 was a resounding victory for Osama Bin Laden. His murder does not change that fact.

And Islamic groups and revolution spread, and if the US wasn’t defeated, well, all the money, men, and attention spent on Iraq did contribute to the great financial crisis, and Muslims learned that they could beat the US if they were willing to take enough pain doing it.

Osama won. He got much of what he wanted. He must have praised Allah mightily for making his enemies attack Iraq.

As for the US, the “state of emergency” declared after 9/11 is still in effect. The Patriot Act is still in effect. The Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) is still in effect. These are the Enabling Acts of Bush’s republic–and of Obama’s.

US citizens did, in fact, lose many of their freedoms and a great deal of their prosperity as a result of 9/11.

One thought on “Get over it. Osama won.

  1. John Doe February 16, 2017 at 08:11 Reply

    Soooo…. Bin Laden actually wanted the U.S. to start a war on purpose? Makes sense to me because I have come to accept that America itself is responsible for both 9/11 and the “War on Terror.”

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