Is it possible to cure dysphoria?

23XX says that she cured her dysphoria. Whether you believe it’s possible or not, she deserves a fair hearing. If dysphoria can be cured, then why put children through endless hardships?

The most important factor in my healing has been time. This is something I could not understand at nineteen. Healing from anything takes time. It takes sitting with something difficult and not destroying yourself over it. Time allowed me to understand that I could make it through a bad day because I had done it before, over and over. Time allowed me to look back and see that I had made progress. Understanding that healing takes time helped me keep moving forward without a clear path, knowing that I would reach another lookout point again even though I did not know when.

I want women, ftms, and other female people with dysphoria to know that healing is possible. I am not dysphoric anymore.

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