Bringing politics into everything? The personal is the political, after all.

From Point and Clickbait: Ghostbusters Reboot Introduces Men To What Feminist Critics Have Been Saying All Along

After decades of dismissing gender-based literature analysis, men everywhere have begun embracing the concept in order to be offended by the rebooted Ghostbusters movie.

Male film critic Matt Bailey, who just last year recorded a 75-minute YouTube video discussing how it was “pathetic” of women to obsess over their depiction in films, is one of the first to leap into this exciting and newly-valid field.

“I’d heard about the idea of looking more deeply into things before,” said Bailey, “but it all seemed really irrelevant to me. I guess I never really paid too much attention for some reason.”

“But it was when I noticed that the entire cast of Ghostbusters was women that I thought — what does this mean? What are they saying about men?”

Bailey says he now believes that analysing media from the perspective of gender politics can be a useful tool in the hands of someone who “isn’t too emotional”, but women are yet to be convinced.

“I don’t understand why men feel the need to bring politics into everything,” said hardcore movie-goer Julieanne Owens.

“It’s only a movie. Can’t they just sit back and enjoy it?”

One thought on “Bringing politics into everything? The personal is the political, after all.

  1. Sundazed March 6, 2017 at 00:26 Reply

    While there certainly were misogyny behind a lot of the comments surrounding the Ghostbusters “reboot”. Sony managed to use their corporate fingers to stir up debate between feminists and misogynistic men all over the place.
    They also, sadly, took these very real issues to shut down critical comments of the movie itself and made a huge campaign effort to make sure to get as many people to the cinema as possible based more or less no on the movie itself but unless you did not support this one you were not supporting women. A very weird aim I have to say.

    Personally I felt like I was watching Eddie Murphy’s haunted house at times with goofy looking “bright coloured” ghosts and at times it felt like I was watching an Adam Sandler movie with very low aimed and typical American poo poo and shouting loud humour.

    But well played Sony indeed.

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