Introduction to antinatalism- some links to my past entries.

Antinatalism is, as of yet, very much a minority position and, even though there is a smattering of people talking about it online (mostly on Youtube), there’s not much material available about it. Here are a few of my entries that I would recommend as an introduction to the subject:

FAQ on antinatalism
Making the case for antinatalism.
Looking at misanthropic antinatalism.
Ecological antinatalism: worth another look.
Benatar’s asymmetry.
12 questions for natalists and breeders.

And keep in mind that you can always look at all the entries I’ve tagged with “antinatalism” by selecting it from the Categories drop-down on the right side (here is a direct link).

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  1. I am one of those smatterers on youtube, but your blogs are great, I generally only read AN ones, you would make a great youtube channel.

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