Collective consciousness is only good when we do it.

From Point & Clickbait: Identity Politics Extremely Bad, Until Gamers Need To Band Together

A groundbreaking new report commissioned by the digital think tank Gamers4Gaming has shown conclusively that identity politics is bad and wrong, especially when women and minority groups use it to criticise video games.

Researchers from the prestigious think tank explained that identity politics — a term they had definitely heard of, understood comprehensively, and used regularly in discussions before GamerGate arrived — was very bad because it prioritised “feels” over what they called “reals”.

“By separating out ‘feels’ and ‘reals’ in a powerful centrifuge, we’ve been able to analyse the discussion from a detached perspective — something that emotional feminists have been unable to achieve,” explained senior researcher Grant Tyler.

“It’s now clear that these ‘feels’ are causing critics of games to falsely believe that their shared experiences are a valid reason to criticise what is a perfectly great hobby that definitely does not need to change in any way.”

The Gamers4Gaming report recommends that if a gamer should find their hobby being criticised, the best thing to do is to immediately try and rally support from “fellow gamers just like you”.

“The one thing we have that unites us against identity politics is that we are all gamers.”

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