“Locker room talk” is for women to be frightened about.

From Clickhole: What Men Say In Private Is For Men To Know And Women To Experience In Countless Terrifying Ways

Donald thought he was in a safe space to share his unfiltered thoughts that are no one’s business other than his, Billy Bush’s, and any women who felt the full terror of his actions when he acted on those private thoughts. If we start telling men what they can and can’t say and which ways they choose to justify predation and shame against women, then where we do draw the line?

Sometimes what’s said between the boys stays between the boys and the women it scars for life.

The media is having a field day with this tape, but all that proves is that there are a lot of people who don’t understand that guy talk is just guy talk. This was just two men blowing off a little steam and reaffirming each other’s belief that women are mere flesh for their enjoyment which creates an openly aggressive culture of male entitlement to women’s bodies because a large number of men are having these private conversations all over the country and world resulting in a horrifying feedback loop.

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