Breeding means gambling with someone else’s life.

Someone made a blog just to publish one entry, called Why it’s Selfish to have Children. It seems like this person was an antinatalist. Either way, it’s a good entry.

But what specifically is the problem with having children?

Essentially, you are gambling with someone else’s welfare. You cannot guarantee the person you decided to create will have a good life.

Your child may be born with a major disability; they may be born mentally retarded, deaf or blind. They may be involved in a car accident, get an illness, catch a disease, suffer from depression, or some other misfortune with money or love. Every drunk in the bar, every cancer patient, every drug addict, every beggar you see on the sidewalk was someone’s child. And we have not even considered the suffering they may cause to others, the shoplifter, the rapist, the murdered…

These children did not need to exist, and they would not exist, if their parents had not created them. If they did not exist no harm would have been done, you cannot regret not existing if you do not exist. However a positive choice was made, they do exist and harm has been done.

This is what I am saying;

1) Parents make a positive culpable choice to have children.

2) They do this to make their own lives better.

3) And often create a great deal of suffering as a result.

One thought on “Breeding means gambling with someone else’s life.

  1. Bruce May 4, 2017 at 15:05 Reply


    I think ALL parents owe us shelter and food until our dying days, at the very minimum. But I think if our lives are bad due to factors outside of our control (e.g. congenital diseases / mental disorders), we should be given reparation for our suffering, and have the option of asking for assisted-suicide. At the very least, assisted suicide should be offered to anyone that doesn’t like where they ended up in the life lottery. I honestly can’t believe it’s not legal.

    It’s hard to determine when our suffering is out of our control, but I think each case should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you’re born with a congenital disease/disorder or mental health problems that make your life harder, you should be legally owed some degree of compensation from your parents. Factors such as a bad upbringing and your parents procreating despite mental illness/disease running in the family should strengthen your case.

    I guess I’m just sick of seeing people suffer and still expected to be grateful to their parents for bringing them into the world. People should be held accountable for the suffering that procreating often causes.

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