Women voting for Trump due to anti-feminism.

During an interview, Stephanie Coontz discusses why she thinks so many white women voted for Trump.

Most women do not like to be sexually harassed. Most women now say that they ought to get equal pay for equal work. But the fact remains that women who have the fewest opportunities to compete successfully in the labor market are the ones who are much more likely to support the policies and values that reward a traditional division of labor in the household.

Women with more social, economic, or educational capital are much more likely to support the activities of women making their own way in the world, to be proud when they see powerful women who stand up or who are getting ahead of men in any way, and they’re also much more open to supporting social policies that reward individual initiative even if they know that it’s not always rewarded equally.

Women with less economic or personal autonomy are often drawn to a culture of family values that emphasizes men’s responsibility to look after women. Women who have a shot at achieving or competing on their own emphasize equality, supporting the kind of policies that make it possible for them to move up in their jobs and combine work and family.

Women who want to be protected in the private sphere or need to be protected in the private sphere tend to emphasize the need to protect and privilege women’s special capacities for nurturing. I think it’s a big factor in the debates over contraception and sexuality and abortion. The flip side of women having all these freedoms from male control, they believe, is that it actually threatens women’s entitlement to male protection.

2 thoughts on “Women voting for Trump due to anti-feminism.

  1. sarineal May 20, 2017 at 03:03 Reply

    I’m not from the US but from where I sit it was white men that voted orange guy in. It was only a subset of white women that topped over 50% (in one states data that was presented) that I saw but I suppose it is easier to blame them than the actual people that voted them in or discuss the result without tutting at women. I saw many, many men saying they’d never vote for Clinton and whether they stayed away from the polls as a result or cast a positive vote for Trump, that definitely had an effect.

    Neither left nor right is a friend of women, but I can see some security with the devil you know than the one that cloaks itself in progressiveness and then stabs you in the back. I think though, it was more about playing on insecurities, having a populist message, and being able to damage Clinton especially in the crucial weeks before heading to the polls that lead to the result.

  2. Nicole May 20, 2017 at 07:16 Reply

    Interesting take. That seems to be saying that these women who feel like they need or are dependent on men for survival see the whole equality and female empowerment thing as a removal of that security rather than gaining anything significant. I think I can understand that.
    I suppose also women in those situations have likely been exposed to ideas about women’s worth being in their appearance and as nurturing mothers and wives and they may not have a sense that they could have skills or anything to offer other than that. In that case equality would look scary and be massively outside of your comfort zone.

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