There’s a lot more to rape than just the stranger in the alley.

okay but if we really start using all definitions of rape as we should – as real, harmful violation of our bodies and psyche, and if anyone who did, by any definition, rape someone, is a rapist, don’t we have to face that the world is overwhelmingly filled with rapists? just how many men coerced a woman into sex, thinking it’s their right to do as much, and that if they don’t use physical violence they are free of any blame for what they did? How many men strongly feels they’re entitled to sex within a relationship and marriage and will literally not tolerate refusal for longer than they deem acceptable? How many men withheld information that would compromise consent (wont tell the truth about something knowing it might lower or erase their chances for sex), making it a rape by deception, and thinks they’ve been absolutely right to do that? How many of them would attack you viciously if you dared to merely imply they raped someone, or were a rapist? How many men bought into the cultural ideas that they’re supposed to use any means to get sex and that women are at fault for not letting them easily have it? How many of them consider deception, coercion, threatening, withdrawal of care and affection, withdrawal of resources, a completely fair play when they want sex? Isn’t all of this rape? Isn’t rape the default? Misinformed consent is also rape by deception, it means that if the woman isn’t aware just how much danger and harm she’s being exposed to during sex, just how much of risk it is for her body and how fatal it can end up for her, and this is something patriarchal society wildly refuses to teach women, aren’t many, many women exposing themselves to harm without even knowing about it? Isn’t that a violation as well? Isn’t that something men don’t want women to know about, because it would lower their chances for sex with them? Isn’t the entire state of patriarchal society where women struggle with lower income and higher rates of poverty and lesser means of income a coercion into giving their bodies to men in one way or another, if they want to survive? In this type of world, how possible it is for a woman to give actual, real consent, that isn’t affected by overwhelming power imbalance? How would anyone be able to choose freely what they’re socialized and coerced into since birth? I know this is really frightening to acknowledge, but if we’re talking about all definitions of rape, and take a look at our society, majority of men are rape supporters and rapists.

2 thoughts on “There’s a lot more to rape than just the stranger in the alley.

  1. bacopa June 5, 2017 at 22:27 Reply

    The somewhat rare “stranger in the alley” rapes are good and worthy of media attention because these are the rapes patriarchy both loves and hates. They love them because publicizing these rapes intimidates women. Patriarchy pretends to hate these rapes and care about women’s safety. But secretly they dislike these uncommon rapes because the rapist may be raping outside of the approved class and race lines.

    Rape within class lines and usually racial lines is generally approved. This is commonplace in many universities in the US.

    This is why I think any feminist movement that really wants to solve problems like this needs to acquire tactical nuclear capabilities. All this bullshit here in Texas with Baylor would be over if the women’s side had a few low-yield nukes.

    Any feminism that does not seek WMD capabilities is useless.

    What? You think patriarchy will fall to mere blogs?

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