If objectification is so great, then why don’t men want it?

From The Beaverton: Men’s Rights Activists demand equal sexual harassment

At the rally Dillon worked the raucous and generally pasty crowd into a frenzy. “Apparently we’re good enough to pay child support, but not good enough to be leered at or get unwelcome comments regarding our butts,” Dillon shouted, before going on to outline More Equality For Men’s list of demands. These include :

* A fivefold increase in the amount of sexual harassment and catcalls directed at men
* A signed apology from “Feminists”, admitting that this is all somehow their fault
* Official recognition of the fact that most men would also “be prettier if they smiled more”
* A court-ordered increase in women hitting on men, including a “no fatties” subclause and “(Dillon) not paying any more child support to that ho-bag, Melissa”

During the rally many MEFM members were vocal about the group’s aims. “Fixing this imbalance shouldn’t be that hard, since we all know that incidents of harassment are grossly inflated by the Feminist Industrial Complex anyway,” said Kevin Martin, 35.

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