Another supposed “pro-sex workers” organization that’s a front for pimps.

In a story that will not come as a surprise, the Rose Alliance Sweden, which supposedly represents prostituted women in Sweden, is actually a pimp-led organization which is fighting against the rights of prostituted workers.

In Sweden, Rose Alliance’s claims about what they are and what they do are accepted without question both by media and by cooperating organizations. And for the common Swede Rose Alliance isn’t very well known. So Kajsa Skarsgård’s revealing articles passed mostly unnoticed.

By making people believing that she is a speaker for prostituted women and referring to Rose Alliance’s claim of “organizing the Swedish sex workers”, Pye Jakobsson has instead been given international influence. Apparently, this also goes for large international agencies such as the UN, for which Pye Jakobsson has presented herself as an advisor.

Today, Rose Alliance is a driving force in international debate, where they are spreading the message that the Swedish Sex Purchase Act is not working at all. Even then, Pye Jakobsson tries to appear as a speaker for all prostituted women in Sweden: “We sex workers consider…”

In this way, Rose Alliance is spreading a completely false image of both what people in general and what women with experience of prostitution think about the Sex Purchase Act in Sweden – a law that actually enjoys solid support among the people in Sweden.

According to four various studies over the first ten years more than 70 percent of the people in Sweden support the Sex Purchase Act, among women 80 to 90 percent. The support is also stronger among younger people of both sexes.

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