In Ancient Rome, women were explicitly defined as fuckholes.

Trans Widow discusses how the ideology of women as passive fuckholes was an explicit part of gender policy in Ancient Rome. Traditional and trans genderists have not invented anything.

The modern LGBT community loves to cite the ancient Romans as evidence of casual and accepted homosexuality, but this is very much a mischaracterization of the situation.

Rome had no conception of homosexuality at all, and no, this is not because homosexuality, as we conceive it today, was so common as to be unremarkable. Rome had no conception of heterosexuality either. Rome’s sexual categorization was divided into “active” and “passive” participants.

Sex was defined as penetrating an orifice with a penis. Sex was something men did to (not with) other people. Lesbianism was inconceivable — without a penis, women could not “do” anyone.

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