Transcult-speak is really anti-women speak.

Trans nightmare talks about decoding the language of the trans cult. It’s all about men invading women-only spaces.

For “transwomen”, substitute “penis” or “men”. Article titles will read “Men have right to use women’s restrooms”, “Radfems are penis-phobic”, “Women who reject penis need to work through bigotry”, and so on and so forth. Their real motives become clear.

For “boys in girls’ bodies”, substitute “butch girls” or “tomboys”.

For “transgender children,” substitute “gender nonconforming children”.

For “transgender surgery”, substitute “permanent sterilization”.

With this in mind, articles would read “tomboys will become dysphoric and suicidal.” “Gender nonconforming children need permanent sterilization.” “Women need to allow penises into their restrooms and lesbians who won’t have sex with men are transphobic.” In fact, the use of the word “trans” to refer to males obscures the real goal of many transactivists: letting men into women’s spaces. They use the word “trans” because it sounds less controversial than saying “men should be allowed in women’s spaces.”

One thought on “Transcult-speak is really anti-women speak.

  1. Chichi November 18, 2017 at 14:06 Reply

    Funny, m2t always say “substitute ‘trans’ with ‘black people’ ‘women’ ‘Jews’ etc. and you’ll see how hateful it is,” but it’s more like,”try saying you’re a white man who thinks he’s black, and you’ll see how hateful it is” or “substitute blackface with womanface.” The bathroom issue is just gonna enable them to invade and kick out butch lesbians and gnc women.

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