SJW politics in games!

From Point & Clickbait: EXPOSED: ‘Star Trek Bridge Crew’ Forcing SJW Politics Down Players Throats, Entire Franchise May Be Compromised

Point & Clickbait can now reveal that rather than simply being a piece of entertainment, Star Trek: Bridge Crew actually takes place in an extremely political sci-fi future where all races and species work together, having discarded gender roles and class structure to build a society of tolerance and equality, free of wage slavery or artificial resource scarcity. Can you believe this garbage??

The usual ‘SJW’ games journalists haven’t been making a big deal about this one for some reason, which is why we didn’t pick it up until now. But from the moment you turn on this hyper-immersive cultural Marxism simulator it’s clear that the real enemy the bridge crew will be fighting is not aliens, but the invasive cultural programming Red Storm are trying to force down our throats.

One thought on “SJW politics in games!

  1. Ophidian February 10, 2018 at 16:34 Reply

    Something has to be said about the racism coming from economically successful “Model Minority” immigrant groups (Africans, Indians, Chinese, etc.), and how many of them act in cooperation with White Supremacists to put down African-Americans and other minority groups who have lived in countries like the United States for many generations.

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