Transgender advocates need to stop exploiting intersex people for their own rhetoric.

From Anti-Porn Feminists:

Please, I’m begging you. Please. Listen to actual intersex people and voices before using our experiences which you know nothing about to prop up your morally bankrupt ideologies.

I see that you’re only 18. Please examine what you are doing, how you are using me, using intersex experiences and voices as a prop, as a dehumanized tool, a patriarchal weapon, without the slightest bit of empathy or understanding.

Your reasoning is so twisted and reeking of such bad faith that I don’t even know where to begin.

As an intersex person who has been abandoned by her friends in the past for being a TERF and SWERF, I’ll try to answer your disingenuous, black and white line of questioning.

I am not one of those fabled CAIS intersex women that trans people love to use to prop up their heartless arguments, but I am an XY afab born with a vagina, undescended testes, and a lifelong genetic disorder that has and will continue to greatly affect my quality of life.

I consider myself biologically male when you get down to it, but as an intersex person, obviously it is not so simple. For one, I have a vagina. My body cannot produce any androgens, so I never underwent a male puberty. Outwardly, my biology has always fit the female box instead of the male box, and so I was raised female, complete with the subservient conditioning of female socialization, and with the added bonus of intersex trauma and invasive medical examinations and therapies, which included having doctors feel my vulva periodically during my childhood to satiate their curiosity over the existence and extent of my sexual feeling, and having the depth and width of my vagina measured to ensure my defective body could still satisfy my would-be future husband.

This is not my whole story, but I will ask, is it enough? Do you need more proof of how different my experience is from that of normal men and transwomen? Do you require a deeper invasion into my history, my identity, my body to be satisfied that I am not just a trans person who managed to find a biological loophole during gestation, or as several trans acquaintances have told me, was “lucky” to be born in a body assigned the gender I “identify” as?

So, where do we draw the line? Is the fact that being intersex is forced upon unknowing, unconsenting people, fetuses who never wanted to be born between sex boundaries, enough? You seem to think “brain sex” is real and transgender identity is an intersex disorder, so maybe not. How about genitals then? Intersex disorders come in many different flavors, but those who are assigned the opposite sex of their chromosomes at birth all have one thing in common: they have fucked up genitalia and reproductive organs that honestly defy easy categorization. Is this true of the transwomen who seem to desperately require intersex bodies as ideological shields? No? I thought so.

Intersex people are not appropriating anyone. We cannot, as a rule, because we were literally born here, in this ugly, uncertain, unhappy, physically real middle between male and female. We grew up here. We did not take it. We just want to be let live. We don’t need to rely on flimsy, intellectually bankrupt and sexist “brain sex” arguments to forcefully carve out a space for ourselves. If anything, trans people are appropriating intersex experiences, fetishizing our experiences and using us as pawns, forced under their trans umbrella against our will.

Also one last thing, no radical feminist in her right mind is calling for outright indiscriminate killing of men as feminist policy, and even if that was the case, no radical feminist on earth has the power to even contemplate implementing such a cartoonish plot. We don’t want transwomen to die. We just want them to stay away from us, and be legally able to protect and make spaces for women who grew up with the social and biological realities of having female genitalia in a male supremacist world. Please read up on feminism if you seriously want to debate it.

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