The connections between transgenderism and the power elite.

To get started there’s this video where they discuss the amount of funding the trans lobby has accrued in a very short time. And there’s this post by Miranda Yardley. He touches on the rich autogynephiles in positions of power in trans lobby organizations, and how these same organizations get millions of $$$ in bourgeois patronage from Starbucks, Apple, NBC, etc. Here’s another blogger who noticed how much elite support transgenderism has received.

Wealthy white men are at the top of the trans lobby. Magdalen Berns even responded to a VICE video which gave a glimpse of how many rich autogynephiles live in New York. Spoiler: there’s a lot. Not only do they tend to be wealthy, but they were inundated in strict conservatism growing up, so they tend to gravitate to a wholly stereotyped vision of “womanhood” that looks like it came out of the 50s. Unsurprisingly, their foray into transgenderism is always sexually charged and there’s at least an implied fetish element. So transgenderism is under the ideological leadership of the world’s least oppressed people.

Transgenderism accomplishes a ton of bourgeois goals all at once. It promotes woman-hatred. It is obliterating the concept of womanhood in popular discourse. It is completely destroying feminism through a divide-and-rule strategy; liberal feminists are employed as flying monkeys and radical feminists are subjected to extreme censorship and violence. It is an automatic backlash against the meager gains for LGB rights in the past couple decades; it has rebranded conversion therapy as progressive; it has declared lesbianism transphobic; and it has introduced “gender identity” into anti-discrimination laws, which completely nullifies protections on the basis of sex and sexual orientation. It has given privileged white men an oppressed card, which has completely slowed down the black liberation movement and the socialist movement, as both these movements try to reconcile fighting for the oppressed while obeying the whim of whiny narcissists. It helps spread imperialism when it starts getting exported into the third world and picks up “culturally specific genders” as its pawns.

It’s also extremely profitable.

At the base of transgenderism are some utterly reactionary philosophical assumptions. Transgenderism is idealist, meaning it elevates the mind and subjective feeling above material reality. It is mechanical, meaning it encourages the view that reality is made up of frozen parts, instead of the dialectical view that reality is a dynamic whole. In practice it relies on sophistry and fascist violence. Of course it hasn’t introduced these ways of thinking into capitalist society, but it is fundamentally a product of these ways of thinking.

6 thoughts on “The connections between transgenderism and the power elite.

  1. deborahpeifer November 18, 2018 at 14:38 Reply

    Splendid timing, appearing the very weekend that Gender Trender was erased by WordPress for the thought crime of questioning gender identity.

    • Francois Tremblay November 18, 2018 at 16:32 Reply

      Yep! Political ostracism. We have to be ostracized, but they are stuck with being bigots. I still think we get the sweeter deal.

  2. Anonymous November 20, 2018 at 12:31 Reply

    This is a suggestion, but I was hoping that you could analyze one of ContraPoints’ videos at some point.

  3. sbt42 November 27, 2018 at 07:13 Reply

    Even though I was able to read it as recently as yesterday, it looks as though Feminist Current’s website has been shut down. I’m wondering if this is just a local-outage thing for some reason. Are you having connection issues?

    Seems like quite a coincidence to have happened so soon after Meghan Murphy’s Twitter account was suspended.

    I honestly fear for women’s voices these days.

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