Mass shooting in _________, USA kills ___

__________, USA — Up to ___ people were killed and ____ more injured after a gunman opened fire at a ________.

There were conflicting reports about casualties, but _______ from _______County Sheriff Department said the number is at __.

“I heard a popping sound and screaming,” said _________, a _________ at the __________. “And that’s when we all got down. There was ______ everywhere.”

The shooter’s motive was reported to be ________________.

Citizens of _______ were ______ and ______ to hear that something like this could happen in their community.

President _______ and Governor _______ had their _______ and _______ with the victims and their families.

____________________________________________________ gun control ___________________.

The NRA released a statement stating it __________with the victims, but _________ Second Amendment rights and _______________.

2 thoughts on “Mass shooting in _________, USA kills ___

  1. susansiens February 9, 2019 at 15:26 Reply

    It’s interesting that we have had several instances of male children proposing to shoot or bomb other children at their schools here in Maine, U.S.A., but their proposals have all been intercepted. I would guess that this is due to our relatively low population, which proves itself a benefit once again.

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