Quotes from The Book of the Subgenius

“The idea that America (or any country) values individuality as the highest ideal is a cheap myth. Everybody’s an individualist, but they don’t like individuals. Perhaps in simpler times it was true, but no modern industrial deathkulture can really afford a population of unpredictables”

“Well, you can fight City Hall, and even win. But you can’t get ultimate Slack. You mus face that. But this doesn’t mean you should let the Con make you accept things you don’t NEED and resist what you CAN USE. Don’t get our idea of Slack mixed up with Their false quest for ‘tranquility.’ Their idea of tranquility for you is the narcosis of sitting alone in a tiny condobox exhausted from work and nerve drugs, watching TV in a kind of eternal limbo. For some Subgeniuses, such mindlessness is Slack, the difference is that the Con wants everybody to have the same idea of Slack.

To many Subgenii, Slack is simply being allowed to do the kind of work they love. False Work, done only for money, without fun, is a SIN against YOU ALMIGHTY (unless it’s a LOT of money). Unrepressed greed is natural. But the way They’ve got it set up, it’s poison, as evidenced by the diseases peculiar to the rich.”

“Slack is not simply ‘Not Giving a Shit.’ It is more like ‘Giving a Shit Freely.’

Holy men have called Slack, ‘SEEING.’ Not looking, but seeing. ‘Bob” teaches men to truly see. A poor man can have true Slack. An idiot trapped in a condominium and a bad job can have true Slack. All that it takes is to stop sucking the finger and go where it POINTS!

Man’s word says, ‘seeing is believing.’ This is perversion. ‘Bob’s’ word says, ‘Believing is seeing.’ If you believe in something first, you will then see it. But you must really believe.

To be a complete and religious Subgenius, you don’t have to believe in the dogma. You don’t have to believe in yourself. You don’t have to believe in ANYTHING, but merely be CAPABLE of BELIEVING.”

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