Ongoing archive (June 2008-)

Please note that my opinions do change over the years. Currently, I do not vouch for anything written before August 2008 (around the time I became a mutualist), but I would say that most of what I wrote before that is still good.

For first time readers: some introductory entries.


October 2016
When a child is involved, “no” means force.

September 2016
Answering some Kohlberg Dilemmas (Heinz and the drug).
Answering some Kohlberg Dilemmas (Joe and his father).
BDSM is not “edgy.” It’s just society magnified.
A new, exciting play: Agency Man Saves Women.”
Why is being against methodological individualism so important?
“THOSE people aren’t like me and mine.”

August 2016
“You send yourself to Hell!”
“You’re just trying to turn everyone into victims.”
Does atheism logically lead to non-rationality?
The Adventures of Space Fetus!!!
The catharsis theory used to defend pornography.

July 2016
How can we explain human behavior?
Antinatalism vs adaptationism.
The MRA Activism Agenda
The similarities between pornsick men and spanking advocates.

June 2016
darthbarracuda’s attempt at debunking the Asymmetry.
Does anti-childism means leaving children unprotected or letting them do anything?
Extract from The Spy who Came in from Tumblr, by Aiden Williams
The eroticization of female body parts is the problem.
FETAs and the denial of the existence of the social class “women.”

May 2016
Should we use personalized pronouns?
Richard Stallman, founder of GNU, and his bizarre “rebuttal” of the Asymmetry.
You’re all a bunch of SHEEP!
Feminist antinatalist arguments.

April 2016
Adam Wallace of WCR arguing against antinatalism.
Pushing more of the antinatalist buttons.
Free market logic doesn’t work out.
Quotes from Pornland, by Gail Dines.
Defining freedom.

March 2016
Reason Magazine defending pornography while pretending to be against rape.
Alonzo Fyfe is misguided about population ethics…
“You can’t tell me how to raise my child!”
Quotes from Caliban and the Witch, by Silvia Federici.
The family unit and brainwashing.
The need for finality.
The uncontested moral authority of parents over children.
Antinatalism as reductio ad absurdum.

February 2016
Natalism is profoundly anti-feminist…
Pornography is not about sex.
The selfishness of being against suicide.
The problem with consent.
The confusion between privilege and power.

January 2016
Rebecca Bradley argues that there is no rape culture.
Moral systems as a support of the status quo.
The tendency towards nounism.
Another failed attempt at disproving the Asymmetry…
Moral nihilism is an argument from ignorance.
A clearer refutation of choice-talk.

December 2015
Wendy McElroy propagating myths about rape.
The concept of “child poverty.”
The connection between religion and childism.
The Problem of the Fragility of Value.
We need critical thinking, not positive thinking.

November 2015
Does “transgender” make any more sense than “transracial”?
Children’s freedom of thought: a strangely controversial position.
“How you feel is your choice!”
The real motivations for having children.
The masculinists’ hatred of men.
Debunking David Wasserman in Debating Procreation.

October 2015
Quotes from Karl Pilkington’s book The Moaning of Life.
Looking at misanthropic antinatalism.
Hierarchies, self-determinism, and PTSD.
What the fuck is “gender equality”?
Pornography: what’s the magic number and where’s the magic line?
Liberals and conservatives: setting the limits of “rational” discourse.
Male entitlement as a cause of mass violence.

September 2015
Finite and infinite games, and their relevance to radicalism…
An argument “against” spanking.
The unfortunate ways in which we frame child abuse.
Quotes from Mark Twain’s Letters From The Earth.
Empowerment, and the perverting thereof…
The false dilemma of anti-feminists.
The antinatalist fine tuning argument.

August 2015
“We’re all entitled to our opinion!”
FETAs accusing radfems of essentialism: the ultimate trans projection.
“We’re just holding up a mirror to society.”
Parents policing each other.
The fetishizing of non-violence.

July 2015
Brainwashing should be illegal everywhere.
Why couldn’t a forest own itself?
Defining fairness.
Pornsickness and how it’s reproduced.
Why the rationalizations for childism suck.
The unaccountable tyranny of parenting.
An Antinatalist FAQ.
Quotes from The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander
The NIP and mainstream ideologies.

June 2015
Stupid Things White People Say
The main problem with the atheist culture.
Analytical Freedom trying to defend “agency.”
Christianity as an elitist institution.
Ask a Question 11.
The alignment paradigm of childism.
The layers of rationalization for prejudice.
Taking the full measure of this hateful concept called “agency.”
Libertarianism and childism.

May 2015
Comparing self-governed systems with command systems.
The belief in “good porn” and “happy hookers.”
How to bungle up anti-genderism, with puppet “feminist” Noah Berlatsky.
Analyzing childism and the domestication hierarchy. [part 1/2, part 2/2]
Is existence really primary in the way Objectivism states?

April 2015
The rhetoric that the inferiors are “really” in control.
Chomsky and Foucault quotes from the book “The Chomsky-Foucault Debate on Human Nature.”
Ask a Question 10
Scapegoating: take responsibility for my sins, please.
Gender McCarthyism, or Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been…
Is natalism a religion?
How to pass as an extrovert.
The metaphorical frames of morality.
FETAs and the false concept of “agency.”

March 2015
Why do the atheist and skeptic communities foster misogyny and racism?
Kristal Garcia, an MRA defending PIV.
Arguments against the free market.
My position on the minimum wage.
Drawing more radicalist connections.
“Cliff Pervocracy” wants you to know that BDSM is feminist.
Ask a Question 9
Ultra-rationality and framing criticism as femininity.

February 2015
Clarisse Thorn tries to refute an argument against BDSM.
An intuitionist answers Matt Slick re: atheist morality.
Quotes from Deep Green Resistance, the book.
Ecological antinatalism: worth another look.
Elizabeth Harman’s failed rebuttal of the Asymmetry.
The projections of FETAs (Female-Excluding Trans Activists).
What is critical thinking?
Not treating people as means to an end.

January 2015
The experiential theory of truth.
The unjustified fear of role reversal.
FETA and its attack on women: “gender rights.”
Why has the concept of self-ownership persisted?
Quotes from “Race Traitor.”
What would make you believe?
Pseudo-science and its uses…
“You’d make such a great parent!”

December 2014
The assumption that sex is about power.
The concept of civility as a veneer over evil.
Is sex a social construct, and does that validate trans genderism?
Empowering Women Through Sex, by Stone Thicke.
Examining the natalist and antinatalist metaphors.

November 2014
Is fighting pornography a waste of time?
Quotes from The Culture of Conformism, by Patrick Colm Hogan.
Looking at the presuppositionalist script.
Why is there no counter-argument from the pro-PIV side?
The reactionary genderist programme.
Impositionists and their problems with consent.
The dismissal of anti-pornography advocates as being “just offended.”
We MUST talk about aborting future disabled lives.

October 2014
A constructionist view on social constructs. [part 1/2, part 2/2]
The pro-pornography and pro-BDSM positions are fundamentally selfish.
Ask a Question 8
The impossibility of “canceling out” suffering and pleasure.
Bourgeois Defense Mechanisms.
Ask a Question 7
“Communism has been tried, and failed!”
The circular justification for Libertarianism.
You have an inner destructive drive, I’m just cranky.

September 2014
Review of L’Art de Guillotiner Les Procreateurs by Theophile de Giraud
“The abolition of gender will never happen!”
How we reward abusers and demonize victims.
The Jacobin trying to “prove” that prostitution is “sex work.”
Quotes from Summerhill School, by A.S. Neill.
Why the lies about radical feminists and “sex work”?
Living under affective starvation.
Some of the books that have inspired me.

August 2014
Evolutionary psychology: the confront of the bully.
Comparing self-ownership and self-objectification.
Ask a Question 6
The evil-god hypothesis.
12 questions for natalists and breeders.
Politics is an occultation of power and violence.

July 2014
Where does individuality come from?
Considering competition as a form of woman-hating.
My position on immigration.
Blood worship is pretty creepy..
A little lexicon: childfree, antinatalist, efilist.
The concept of “agency” is inherently reactionary.

June 2014
“You’re just a science denialist!”
Sex is not a fundamental human need. Prostitution is not a fundamental human need.
Francois Tremblay, Mangina Extraordinaire!
The Stolen Concept Fallacy
Oh, the subjectivism of it all…
Ask a Question 5.
Red flag terms.
Gender atheism is the next misunderstood idea…
Ask a Question 4.

May 2014

Compartmentalization: how we entrap our own minds.

Morality as a tool of control.
The Authoritarian Paradox.
Porn and BDSM are patriarchy manuals.
The banality of tone policing.
Objectification and the myth of female power.
Quotes from The Speed of Dreams, by Subcomandante Marcos
The Problem of Evil v the Problem of Suffering.

April 2014
Quotes from “Understanding Power” by Noam Chomsky
Determinism is not a thing you can trick.
The claim that false rape allegations are common is a lie.
The virtue of victimhood.
An MRA makes a feeble attempt at a counter-argument…
“Maternal love” is a humbug.
Ask a Question 3
“How would a libsoc society operate?”

March 2014
How genderism “proves” that women should rule the world.
Ask a Question 2
The illusory desire for control.
Making the analogy between racism and sexism.
The depravity of the concept of “implied consent.”
Geisler’s evangelistic questions for atheists.
How does egalitarianism work?
Q&A with my readers. (1)

February 2014
What is sex-negativity?
“Historical science” and “observational science.”
Making the case for antinatalism.
The rape culture: it’s in people’s minds.
Mixing one’s labor does not prove property rights!
The narrow nature of political words, and how that distorts discourse.

January 2014
The Axis of Woman-Hating
No such thing as market failure?
Wendy McElroy doing a terrible job of defending pornography.
I was late because of the roadblock.
“Suffering is not really bad!”
“We’re all here for a reason!”

December 2013
Breeding is selfish, natalism is selfishness made into a social value.
Were numbers created by God?
Ideological bias is the main ethical error.
Cheerful submission to one’s enemies.
Evolutionary intuitionism and politics.

November 2013
Why intuitionism supports antinatalist conclusions.
Self-interest and the free market are not ethical positions.
Two New Atheistic Arguments.
Freedom of speech does not justify pornography.
Fiddler on the Roof: L’Chaim number
Why Atheists Should Be Intuitionists.
What is anti-genderism?

October 2013
Genderism, trans theory and the hostility towards radical feminism.
What is Ethical Intuitionism?
How not to prove the objective existence of gender.
The confusion between sex and gender.
Debunking the argument for self-ownership.
What does it mean to say that procreation is unethical?

September 2013
Six reasons why people do not use systemic analysis.
People rationalizing slavery…
Three categories of explanation of human behavior.
Fearing the non-conventional.
Rationality and faith don’t really exist.

August 2013
A Defense of After-Birth Abortions.
Keep reaching for that pie in the sky…
The Supernatural Non-Explanations.
The similarities between liberals and conservatives.
Twisting Chrisitanity into Gordian knots…

July 2013
Debunking the Objectivist support for free will.
Egalitarianism, and the misuse thereof…
The Kohlberg stages of moral development.
The unholy triad of the little god…
“Human exceptionalism” and free will…

June 2013
Culture is not “more than causal.”
“Feminist evolutionary psychology”? Talk about an oxymoron.
Free will as an ideological weapon…
Is there such a thing as cisgender?

Is there such a thing as a “right to self-identify”?

Clearing out confusion about Benatar’s Asymmetry.

Why skepticism isn’t so great…

May 2013
“Conspiracies don’t exist!”
The two antinatalisms.
Psychology declares war on childfreedom.
Right-wingers confuse rights and entitlements.
The proto-fascistic language of optimism.
Wendy McElroy: “pornography is liberatory.”
“What is true for you is true for you”

April 2013
Pessimism presented as a psychological flaw.
On the inconvenient truths about human sacrifice.
Alexander McNabb, the irresponsible blogger.
Contract theory as an attack against human rights
Values are sacrifices.
Why I am against gay marriage…
PIV as the center of the web…

March 2013
Tolerance in morality.
Answering objections to Intellectual Ownership.
Debunking more MRA “statistics”…
What is an institution?
The Case for Atheism in 15 Minutes.
The belief that suicide is always irrational.

February 2013
Refuting Alonzo Fyfe on: evolution cannot account for morality.
The free disposal argument.
“Who would replace the police?”
Benatar’s asymmetry.
Against Carl Watner: Debunking the Arguments for Voluntaryism.
How an economy grows and how property arises…

January 2013
“You don’t get to choose for someone else!”
Liberals have a hard-on for pornography.
Does belief require understanding?
The mania of extension.
The problem of “good enough.”
Bring in the Fake Dissenters.
The Voluntaryist Reader defends voluntaryism, round 2.
A further discussion on consent, courtesy of femonade.

December 2012
The Voluntaryist Reader tries to rescue voluntaryism.”
“But what about teh menz??”
Never shake up the status quo.
Taking socio-political critique as a personal attack.

November 2012
Misopedia: the hatred of children.
“Property rights” as pseudo-rights.
The morality of evolution.
Morality is not maintained by a government or laws.
Distrust as the explanation for anti-atheist prejudice.
The strange connection between pornstitutionists and lying.
Pornography is not a right.
“Adjusting” to society is wrong.

October 2012
A follow-up challenge to pro-choice atheists…
Anti-abortion atheists still can’t meet the challenge…
There’s no such thing as “religious freedom.”
Men cannot be feminists.
The “scientific” attack against egalitarianism…
Defending the Problem of Evil…
Christians attacking methodological naturalism…

September 2012
The Creationist Paradox
Obscurantist Child-Raising
What is natalism, really?
Voluntaryism: it’s not just about capitalism…
I have free will, you’re a deterministic cog.
The worship of free will.

August 2012
It’s not the size of your government, but who you can kill with it…
Chris Bolt: Atheists are just like Christians!
Male entitlement at work…
“I have a right to have children!”
The states of reasoning.
Richard Polt defends the specialness of humans with very ordinary arguments.
Is atheism based on faith?
The absence of possibility of consent.
Some lessons learned from the entitlement entry…

July 2012
The male sense of entitlement to sex.
Anomie is tyranny.
Narratives drive our perception of politics.
Answering the Consequentialist Challenge.
My position on gun control.
Is worldview native to the individual?
Clarissa of Clarissa’s Blog says, stop complaining about the exploitation of women! Sit down and shut up!
The Moving Train fallacy.

June 2012
Procreation for female serfs.
Funfems: the cops, and men in general, are NOT your friends.
Voluntary slavery: a hypothetical scenario…
The problem of enosiophobia…
Are Americans individualists? Studies say… absolutely not!
Is there a right to die?

May 2012
“That’s just how it is.”
More essential blog posts.
Life is a CAnCeR machine.
“Antinatalism will be bred out of existence !”
Nozick on the impossibility of Anarchist courts…
The Patriarchy? HAW HAW HAW!
Reviewing the case for psychological altruism.

April 2012
Pro-Abortion Series ends here
Abortion is only one part of the problem: so is PIV.
Abortion: the endgame. [part 2/2]
Abortion: the endgame. [part 1/2]
“Childbirth is our purpose!”
Why be pro-abortion? [part 2]
Why be pro-abortion? [part 1]
The wonders of mental retardation, at “Science Essentials”…
The Prime Directive is not just for show…

March 2012
Defining tyranny within the abortion issue. [part 1], [part 2]
Choice-talk, if taken literally, is invalid. [part 1], [part 2]
Pro-choice and anti-abortion: what they have in common.
Is abortion murder?: a comedy of errors. [part 1], [part 2]

February 2012
Do women have a right to make medical decisions on abortion?
Body ownership is semantic gobbledygook.
The humbug of the fetal right to life…
The humbug of “reproductive rights”…
Can one be an anti-abortion atheist?

January 2012
Secret Confessions: How great is it to have a child?
Anti-Abortion Q&A [part 1], [part 2], [part 3]
“No one is for abortion!”
Introduction to the pro-abortion position.
Pro-Abortion Series starts here
Commenting rules for the pro-abortion series.

December 2011
Some masculinist rubbish…
Christianity is bullshit.
William Lane Craig’s most moronic moments…
Is presuppositionalism finally proven? Well… no.
Bryan Caplan repeats same nonsense, but this time with more arrogance
“You want life to be perfect!”

November 2011
Achieve happiness by lying to yourself!
How to be a dishonest anti-intellectual cheat.
Bryan Caplan is a useful idiot…
The Borg are a perfect analogy for neo-liberalism…
Natalism is the systematic objectification and enslavement of human beings.

October 2011
A strange life.
Answering Spotlight Ministries.
Worshipping the magic hierarchies…
Objectivism v Antinatalism: round 2…

September 2011
What is the “men’s rights” movement?
Walter Block, again defending NAP in the worse way possible…
The ice cream salesmen cometh…
Bryan Caplan cheerleads for natalism, falls on his fucking ass…
The equivocation on “life.”
“You want to tell people what to do!”

August 2011
Answering the burqa problem.
Gay marriage is regressive.
The Non-Identity Problem.
Objectivism v Antinatalism: the breakdown…

July 2011
The culture of death and the culture of life.
If God exists, then ethics is a sham.
The problem with atheists.
One-shotting Richard Dawkins; or, the major contradiction of humanism…

June 2011
Why this blog is now called “The Prime Directive”…

The Prime Directive

Check your Premises

June 2011
Some are more closed-minded than others.
“Why don’t you kill yourself?”
The trouble with time preference.

May 2011
How should we attribute blame?
Against Psychological Egoism
Refuting the arguments against equality.
Cultivating hatred through “personal responsibility.”

April 2011
Further clarification on “Christian Anarchism”…
Ego-centrism as social control.
Antinatalism as a challenge against Christianity.
Why I reject “Christian Anarchism”…
Exploring the mind of deluded capitalists…

March 2011
The voluntaryist delusion.
“Consensus is just decision-making by bullying!”
The case for anti-natalism. [2/2]
The case for anti-natalism. [1/2]
Reasons not to have children/reasons to have children
Lee Strobel strikes out six times in a row…

February 2011
“Your ideas can only work on a small scale!”
Some thought-stopping techniques.
“In life, there are winners and there are losers!”

January 2011
Rights are NOT granted to you by the government or God.
Homage to Catalonia: “comrade to comrade,” “Don’t fight against your own class!,” “hatred of privilege and injustice,” “a foretaste of Socialism.”
The “delegation of responsibility” as fundamental absurdity of hierarchies…
“Follow your heart… but don’t.”

December 2010
Atheism and Anarchism: ideological cousins?
The case for socialist intellectual ownership.
From morality to ethics… [part 3/3]
From morality to ethics… [part 2/3]
From morality to ethics… [part 1/3]

November 2010
The universality principle.
The impossibility of transferring exterior obligation.
Some egalitarians are more egalitarian than others…
“Fuck society! I owe society nothing!” [part 2/2]
“Fuck society! I owe society nothing!” [part 1/2]

October 2010
Why our social structure is invalid. [part 3/3]
Why our social structure is invalid. [part 2/3]
Why our social structure is invalid. [part 1/3]
Looking at the justifications of STV…
An analysis of LTV from the ISIL…

September 2010
Equality and hierarchies do not mix.
“Where did the information come from?”
Sociopathy as the “killer” moral argument.
“You Anarchists support central planning!”
FAQ against the current court system

August 2010
Against free speech.
Normal moral development, and how Christianity interferes with it…
Which should go first: the State or capitalism?
What is invalidation?

July 2010
I was late because of the roadblock.
Man is innately good/evil: a statistics update…
Our responsibility and duty towards crime as a society… [part 2/2]
Our responsibility and duty towards crime as a society… [part 1/2]

June 2010
The curious, the incurious, and the agnostics.
Demolishing property rights again: the child renter argument.
Labour as fundamental to economic value.
Can capitalism be allowed to exist?

May 2010
Corraling love as a personal concept.
An Open Letter to Glenn Beck, from AK Press
The repetition compulsion is all around us.
“You used to believe X!”
“Love should be mandatory!”

April 2010
Morality and ethics.
The search for meaning.
The love, and control, of knowledge.
Your brain on capitalism…

March 2010
Blog posts I consider essential: the next generation.
“Who decides that?”
The confusion of “self-ownership”…
The courage to confront.
Fixed ideas: the magic trick.

February 2010
What Is the Economy?
Property rights are just an enabler?
Anarchism: politics of envy?
Anti-IP arguments can be transposed against property…
Arguing against STV.

January 2010
“Greed is part of human nature!”
The atomistic mindset.
Debunking the so-called “myths of socialism”…
“Anarchists don’t understand risk!”

December 2009
“Hierarchies are natural!”
Hierarchy is property.
The dread word “competition”…

November 2009
The desire to understand.
Kiva is a fraud, a criminal enterprise, and perhaps more…
Some considerations on consent. [part 2/2]
Some considerations on consent. [part 1/2]
“How would Anarchism be beneficial?”

October 2009
The Misers: a sci-fi book series.
Pride as the desire for non-confront.
Alex Peak lines up for another out…
Freedom and equality.
Brad Spangler at bat…
Without equality, there is no society. [part 3/3]
Without equality, there is no society. [part 2/3]
Without equality, there is no society. [part 1/3]

September 2009
Answering no third solution: contracts do not magically create ethics.
The moral and ethical problems of childbirth.
“Anarcho”-capitalists support sexual harassment: more on Block’s lunacy…
Rationalizing “might makes right.”
Manipulation: give up or fight?
Lew Rockwell attacks LTV: I reply.
Creativity as the lifeblood of freedom.

August 2009
The problem with linear thinking.
Shoplifting: crime, vice, or ethical act?
Sean Prophet on: man is innately evil…
Creativity and play.
Defining love. [part 2/2]
Defining love. [part 1/2]

July 2009
Three questions left as an exercise for the reader…
The sense of entitlement.
“I’m just following orders.”
Proudhon quotes from What is Property: Proudhon on possession, Proudhon on land appropriation, Proudhon on capital and usury, Proudhon on profit, Proudhon on the moral sense, Proudhon on equality, Proudhon in conclusion, Proudhon on man’s labour being dependent on society, Proudhon on the labour theory of value

June 2009
The superiority complex.
“Noble revenge” as pretext for atrocities. [part 2/2]
“Noble revenge” as pretext for atrocities. [part 1/2]
Projection as a universal phenomenon.
“Why don’t you go in politics?”

May 2009
The spread of cooperation.
My job: let’s do the math…
The belief that people are innately evil. (part 2/2)
The belief that people are innately evil. (part 1/2)
Shifting determinism.

April 2009
The obedience circuit.
10 Answers from an Atheist… [part 2/2]
10 Answers from an Atheist… [part 1/2]
An exercise to clear your mind.

March 2009
What are games conditions?
The five dynamics.
The control mentality and the love mentality.

February 2009
Say NO to government health care!
“He was a man of his times”
“Mankind must perpetuate!”
History is written by the idiots.
Blog posts I consider essential.

January 2009
The minarchist fallacy: it’s for leftists too!
We are all war criminals.

December 2008
Why parenting is invalid.
The obsession with consumption
Shared belief generates power.
The wit and wisdom of Obama on: equality and freedom

November 2008
Property rights: a question of perspective.
The three worldviews.
Statism as a sign of immaturity.

October 2008
“I know what’s best for people”
The ideology of exclusion.
Jeremy on: hierarchies are not the main problem
He’s not outrageous, he’s Corktageous!
Why hierarchies are immoral…

September 2008
“Anarchists are conspiracy theorists!”
Self-ownership is a meaningless concept.
Love your enemies as yourself.

August 2008
The profit motive.
The radical nature of love. (Part 2/2)
The structure of Tremblayian ethics
The radical nature of love. (Part 1/2)
Untangling some semantic confusions… (part 2/2)

July 2008
Untangling some semantic confusions… (part 1/2)
The true self, seat of love. (part 2/2)
The true self, seat of love. (part 1/2) [Market Anarchist Carnival]
A society based on love. [Market Anarchist Carnival]
How will the State be replaced?
What is self-defense? Part 2.
Suicide as self-expression.
Post-modernism: a lie with some truth in it…

June 2008
To belong is not to love!
Soldiers and warmongers are cunts: a rant.
“Animal rights” v “animal freedom”
“You can’t prove a negative!”
An Open Letter to All Libertarians [Market Anarchist Carnival]

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