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I’m giving you a count of three!

Roger, we’ve been friends for thirty years now. I have tolerated quite a lot of your erratic behavior. I have tolerated you not repaying a loan of 10$ which I gave you when you ran out of gas. I have tolerated you speaking back to me in elevated or covertly hostile tones. I have tolerated you criticizing my family members. But now I will tolerate your behavior no longer.

Now you listen to me here! No one cares what you have to say! I tell you what to do and you will do it because I told you to! You are being very disrespectful and I am quite sick of your attitude. You had better stop this right now. I’m giving you a count of three to straighten up your act, otherwise you’re in Big Trouble! ONE… TWO…

Are you calmed down now? Can I continue, or are you gonna keep fussing? You had better listen to what I tell you, or I’ll put you in Time Out. It’s for your own good.

Yes, you gotta go to work. Why? Because I say you have to, that’s why. That’s how the world works. It’s not fair? Well, life is not fair. Get used to it. No one wants to hear your fucking whining. Everyone has to go to work and they like it! Why do you have to stick out? Do you think you’re better than everybody else?

Come over here. I said come over here! ROGER! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE RIGHT NOW! Look at me when I’m talking to you! If you keep whining, I’m not taking you to the bar any more! You’re embarrassing me! Everyone’s looking at you and your bad behavior.

I heard you’ve been misbehaving at work. Your boss told me that you said a swear word. What the fuck is wrong with you? Who taught you that? Not me. Did you get that from one of your friends? That Michael, your friend who works in Sales, is a really bad influence. I told you not to listen to him. He’s a bad person. I forbid you from seeing him any longer. Why? Because I told you to, that’s why!

I don’t know what your problem is today, but you have a bad attitude. Do you want to go in Time Out? I’m giving you five seconds to calm the fuck down.

If you’re bad, Santa Claus won’t give you any gifts this year. He’s gonna skip your house! He’s gonna think, why would I give anything to an ungrateful adult like that? Santa Claus doesn’t like bad adults, it just pisses him off. He sees everything you do. EVERYTHING. Even that one time when you stole one of my macaroons. I forgive you, but Santa doesn’t.

I have to keep you under control so you’ll be a good person in the future. It’s a hard job, you know. And how do you repay me? All you do is sit in front of the television and talk about income tax rates or health insurance premiums. Never a kind word for me, even though I’m the one who takes care of you. Of your future. Making sure you become a happy and productive member of society, instead of a whiner. I need to teach you responsibility, so you’ll be better equipped in the future.

Stop talking to Michael. He’s a bad influence on you. He’s in with the wrong crowd. I don’t care who you like. You will do what I tell you.

“Is this a man or a woman, Winston?”

“Do you remember,” he went on, “writing in your diary, ‘Freedom is the freedom to say that a transwoman is a man’?”
“Yes,” said Winston.
O’Brien held up a picture of Danielle Muscato. “Is this a man or a woman, Winston?”
“A man.”
“And if the Party says that she is not a man but a woman? Then what is she?”
“A man.”
The word ended in a gasp of pain. The needle of the dial had shot up to fifty-five. The sweat had sprung out an over Winston’s body. The air tore into his lungs and issued again in deep groans which even by clenching his teeth he could not stop. O’Brien watched him, the picture still in the air. He drew back the lever. This time the pain was only slightly eased.
“Man or woman, Winston?”
The needle went up to sixty. “Man or woman, Winston?”
“Woman! Woman! Woman!”
“No, Winston, that is no use. You are lying. You still think she is a man. Man or woman, please?”
“Man! Woman! Man! Anything you like. Only stop it, stop the pain!”
Abruptly he was sitting up with O’Brien’s arm round his shoulders. He had perhaps lost consciousness for a few seconds… He felt very cold, he was shaking uncontrollably… For a moment he clung to O’Brien like a baby, curiously comforted by the heavy arm round his shoulders. He had the feeling that O’Brien was his protector, that the pain was something that came from outside, from some other source, and that it was O’Brien who would save him from it.


“You are a slow learner, Winston,” said O’Brien gently.
“How can I help it?” he blubbered. “How can I help seeing what is in front of my eyes? A person born male is a man.”
“Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are a woman. Sometimes they are genderfluid. Sometimes they are all the genders at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.”
He laid Winston down on the bed…. O’Brien motioned with his head to the man in the white coat…
The pain flowed into Winston’s body. The needle must be at seventy, seventy-five. He had shut his eyes this time. He knew that the picture was still there, and still the head of a man. All that mattered was somehow to stay alive until the spasm was over…
“Man or woman, Winston?”
“A man. I suppose it could be a woman…. I am trying to see a woman.”
“Which do you wish: to persuade me that you see a woman, or really to see her in her femininity?”
“Really to see her.”
“…Is the person in the picture a man or a woman, Winston?”
“I don’t know…. A man, a woman, a lizard—in all honesty I don’t know.”
“Better,” said O’Brien.
A needle slid into Winston’s arm. Almost in the same instant a blissful, healing warmth spread all through his body. The pain was already half-forgotten. He opened his eyes and looked up gratefully at O’Brien… If he could have moved he would have stretched out a hand and laid it on O’Brien’s arm. He had never loved him so deeply as at this moment, and not merely because he had stopped the pain. The old feeling, that at bottom it did not matter whether O’Brien was a friend or an enemy, had come back. O’Brien was a person who could be talked to. Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood… In some sense that went deeper than friendship, they were intimates; somewhere or other, although the actual words might never be spoken, there was, a place where they could meet and talk.
O’Brien was looking down at him with an expression which suggested that the same thought might be in his own mind. When he spoke it was in an easy, conversational tone.
“Do you know where you are, Winston?” he said.
“I don’t know. I can guess. In the Human Rights Commission.”…
“And why do you imagine that we bring people to this place?”
“To make them stop being TERFs.”…
“No!” exclaimed O’Brien. His voice had changed extraordinarily, and his face had suddenly become both stern and animated. “No! Not merely to make you stop being a TERF, nor to punish you. Shall I tell you why we have brought you here? To cure you! To make you sane! Will you understand, Winston, that no one whom we bring to this place ever leaves our hands uncured? We are not interested in those stupid hate crimes that you have committed. The Party is not interested in the overt act: the thought is all we care about. We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them. Do you understand what I mean by that?”…


“How can I help it?” he blubbered. “How can I help seeing what is in front of my eyes? A man is a man.”
“Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes, a man is a woman. Sometimes, a man is a pansexual aromatic trigender. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.”

Agency-based genderist menstruation fact sheet.

from: Miriam Lafferty
subject: Re: Fact sheet revision 11/21

We’ve been working hard at follow the new guidelines regarding respecting people’s agency. I think you will be happy with the results. We have really put the emphasis on people’s agency and the choice to PIAPIADHstruate or not. I agree with you that the last thing we want to do is deny people’s agency, and portray gender-neutral PIAPIADHstruators as victims of their own bodies. As always, send to Reginald for final approval. Thanks.


What is PIAPIADHstruation?

PIAPIADHstruation (piya-piya-th-STRAY-shuhn) is a person’s voluntary monthly bleeding. When you decide to PIAPIADHstruate, your body sheds the lining of the egg-cave (or “woowoo”). PIAPIADHstrual blood flows, following your sense of self and body identity, from the egg-cave through the small opening in the ladystick-blocker and passes out of the body through the front hole (or “vajayjay”). Most PIAPIADHstrual gender-neutral-periods last from 3 to 5 days, depending on your personal preferences.

What happens during the voluntary PIAPIADHstrual cycle?

In the first half of the cycle, determined by your own choice, levels of pinkstrogen (the “PIAPIADWist hormone”) start to rise. Pinkstrogen plays an important role in keeping you healthy, especially by helping you to build density-normative bones and to help keep them density-normative as you get youth-challenged. Pinkstrogen also makes the lining of the egg-cave (or “woowoo”) grow and thicken, through the power of your will. This lining of the egg-cave (or “woowoo”) is a place that will nourish the potential future human whenever you decide to start a gender-neutral-impregnation. At the same time the lining of the egg-cave (or “woowoo”) is growing, an egg (or “vroom vroom”) in one of the inside balls starts to mature. At about day 14 of an average 28-day cycle, depending on when you choose to start it, the egg leaves the inside ball. This is called ballulation.

After the egg has consented to your decision to leave the inside ball, it travels through the phallupian tube to the uterus. Hormone levels rise in accord with your determination and help prepare the egg-cave’s lining for consensual gender-neutral-impregnation. A person is most likely to get gender-neutral-impregnated during the 3 days before or on the day of ballulation, although it can happen any time you put your mind to it. Keep in mind, people with cycles that are shorter or longer than average may ballulate before or after day 14, but your cycles are, as always, the result of your conscious decision-making processes.

A person becomes gender-neutral-impregnated only if they want to, and the egg is fertilized by a wriggler cell and attaches to the egg-cave wall. Either a PIAPIADW or a PIAPIADH can become gender-neutral impregnated, because everyone has agency and no one is a passive agent in any biological process. Either party can donate the vroom-vroom or the wriggler cell that must combine for fertilization, because biological sex is a lie and we choose how our gender is expressed biologically. If the egg is not fertilized, it will break apart. Then, hormone levels drop, and the thickened lining of the egg-cave is shed during the PIAPIADHstrual gender-neutral-period.

What is a typical voluntarily chosen PIAPIADHstrual gender-neutral-period like?

During your gender-neutral-period, you shed the thickened egg-cave lining and extra blood through the front hole, or any other hole you choose. Your gender-neutral-period may not be the same every month, depending on how you feel. It may also be different than other people’s gender-neutral-periods, because everyone chooses different kinds of periods. Gender-neutral-periods can be light, moderate, or heavy in terms of how much blood comes out of the front hole. This is called PIAPIADHstrual flow. PIAPIADHstrual flow can be experienced by both PIAPIADHs and PIAPIADWs because, once again, biological sex is a lie and anyone can do anything they set their minds to, and we all have agency to accept or reject any experience we want. If you are a PIAPIADH, it is perfectly normal to experience a gender-neutral-period, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to deny your agency, which means they are standing against your fundamental human rights. Consult a doctor who has chosen to not be biologically-prejudiced for valid medical help.

When does a person usually get his/her first voluntary gender-neutral-period?

The simplest answer is: whenever they want. In the United States, the average age for a person to get his/her first gender-neutral-period is 12, but this average is useless because it is based on entirely subjective decisions which do not affect you in any way. You may start your first gender-neutral-period at the age of 8, 12, 16, or 52. In fact, some older people experience age-regression and become prepubescent again, thus experiencing their first gender-neutral-period for the second, third, fourth, or any number of times.

Choosing to be sexually attracted to people who are 13 years old or older is called ephebophilia and is perfectly normal. If you are an adolescent person, click on this link to learn how to have safe relationships with ephebophiles and how to use your agency in order to be more attractive to adults.

“We’re bringing pornography into our relationship.”

    June 14

Dear Diary,

Callie and I seem to have hit a lull in our sex life. I don’t understand why she’s not enthusiastic about me putting my dead weight on her and ramming her over and over. I think it’s great. Well, anyway, we’ve talked about it and we’ve decided to bring pornography into our relationship. Pornography should give us some new ideas, as well as renew passion for sexual congress in the both of us. But mostly Callie.

    June 17

Dear Diary,

We’ve had quite an interesting time lately. At first, it started with a slur or a moan hanging in the air, like a bad smell. We kept to ourselves, not wanting to provoke it, just letting it happen naturally. Today we finally had our first manifestation. A naked guy and a naked woman, called Gus and Susie, were in our house all day, just having sex everywhere. They had sex on our dinner table, they had sex in the kitchen, they had sex in the shower, they had sex pretty much everywhere except in the bedroom. Really violent, rough sex. Well, suffice it to say that we had to clean up a LOT of fluids. Where they got it from, I have no idea, but they just kept going at it all day.

While it was a big hassle to trip over them all the time and have to clean up after them, once they were gone, we did have really good sex. So there’s that. I guess pornography does help. We’re going to continue inviting pornography in our relationship and see what happens.

    June 19

Dear Diary,

Well today was a bust (and I don’t mean the boobs kind). We invited pornography in our relationship again. The doorbell rang and we answered it. It was a pizza delivery man. We told him we hadn’t ordered any pizza, but he came in and opened the box. His dick was in it. His dick was in the pizza box. He waggled his eyebrows suggestively. We laughed. It was a funny joke for a few minutes. He kept coming up to us, opening the box, and waggling his eyebrows. But after hours of this, it was getting pretty tiring. It seemed like he got pretty disappointed that we wouldn’t… do anything about it. He became rather dispirited and hid from us in a closet. Eventually, he disappeared.

I hope pornography has something better in store for us next time.

    June 22

Dear Diary,

We invited pornography in our lives. When we got to the kitchen, we saw a woman’s body on the table. We looked at her, and we figured out she was dead. All blue, cold, with the blood pooled at her back. We left the kitchen and didn’t come back. She was gone the next day.

Suffice it to say that our sex life is shit right now.

    July 3

Dear Diary,

After much discussion, we decided to let pornography back into our relationship. We have decided to give it one more chance after the previous fiasco. Pornography is supposed to teach us about how to have better sex. Well, this time, it was even worse. There was a girl, about 15 years old, and she kept screaming about how she was kidnapped and how she was filmed being raped without her consent, and how she wants to go back home to her family. We tried to console her but it was just impossible. She just kept screaming and crying all day. She tried to escape through the front door, but whatever force had brought her here did not allow her to exist outside of our house. We knew she was gone when we stopped hearing her constant crying.

We don’t really want to have sex any more. Pornography is shite.

    July 12

Dear Diary,

Callie did it again. In defiance of our agreement, she let pornography back in. I hate her for doing this to us, after all that pornography has done to our sex life. We can barely look at each other any more. Anyway, she let it in, and then, a woman appeared on our sofa. There was no one else around, but she was definitely choking. Despite the fact that she was choking all day, she never died. She just kept getting choked endlessly. At first, we were really worried, but there was nothing we could do. We got desensitized to it after a while. When she left, we barely noticed it at all.

I really need a divorce…

Choose Your Own Adventure: The TERF Lair

The transgender cult has been making great headway into Western cultures. With the current renewal of Choose Your Own Adventure books online, one enterprising soul has written a CYOA book especially for transgender people. I think this is really powerful stuff, and a great tool to teach children about respecting the wide variety of genders that exist. I’ve published the beginning of the adventure for your enjoyment (sorry I could not copy the instructions and character creation).


Before you begin the adventure proper, please check that you have adjusted your attributes based on your PGS (Position on the Gender Spectrum). See the Gender Spectrum on page 3. Also check that you have written down your GITs (Gender Identity Traits) from the table at the bottom of page 3.

Enter 5 in your TERF points box, because everyone has prejudice against transgender people. If you reach a total of 10 TERF points, you become one of the bigoted, slavering monster scum inhabiting the Lair, and your adventure is over.

Now, proceed to paragraph 1.


You approach the entrance to the dreaded TERF Lair, an unassuming small square building with thick double doors. A Royal Soldier in full armor and holding a sword guards the entrance to the Lair. As you are a mere adventurer, you will probably not be allowed in. What do you do?
Say “Hello Mr. Soldier, how are you?” – go to 2.
Say “Hello Ms. Soldier, how are you?” – go to 3.
Ask them what their preferred pronouns are – go to 4.


The soldier takes on an enraged expression. “How dare you misgender me, you cis scum!” yie screams. “I identify as an agender queer aromatic demisexual!” You have offended the Royal Soldier and yie charges at you. You must fight to the death.

preferred pronouns: yie, yey, sheeit
HP: 14, ATK: 1d (hit on 6+), DEF: 4

If you survive the fight, take a penalty of 2 TERF points for misgendering and proceed to 5.


The soldier takes on an enraged expression. “How dare you misgender me, you cis scum!” yie screams. “I identify as a furry agender aromantic sapiosexual!” You have offended the Royal Soldier and yie charges at you. You must fight to the death.

preferred pronouns: yie, yey, sheeit
HP: 14, ATK: 1d (hit on 6+), DEF: 4

If you survive the fight, take a penalty of 2 TERF points for misgendering and proceed to 5.


“Thank you for being so considerate of my feelings,” said the soldier. “My preferred pronouns are yie, yey, and sheeeeeeeit. So few people even bother to ask. Because you’ve made me happy today by acknowledging my innate sense of identity, I will let you pass into the TERF Lair. But don’t tell anyone!” Yie smiles and put a finger to his lips. Substract 1 TERF point from your total for good behavior (but keeping in mind that being nice to one transgender person does not make you non-bigoted) and proceed to 5.
Note that the agender soldier has a PGS of 6, and therefore you receive no modifiers from a successful interaction.


You open the double doors to the Lair. They lead you to the interior of the building, a small square room with wooden stairs leading downwards. You go down the stairs and find yourself in the Lair proper. Roughly hewn rock form the walls, while the floor is made of wooden planks. You walk down a corridor devoid of features except for torches set into the wall. There is a door at the end of the corridor.
If your PGS is to the right of 8 (i.e. you are femme-adjacent), your feminine intuition and skill at finding things tells you that one of the torches looks unusual. It appears to be sitting on a hinge. If you move the torch, go to 6.
If you are unable to move the torch, or choose not to, you open the door at the end of the corridor. Go to 7.


Struggling with the torch due to your feminine weakness, you finally get it to lower. A secret passage immediately grinds opens on the right-side wall. You crouch through the opening and find yourself in a small, dark hole dug into the rock. There is a treasure chest, which you open daintily (so as not to break any of your nails) to reveal a blue shield inside.
If you decide to wear the blue shield, please note that the shield increases your defense by 2, but also shifts your PGS one position to the left (substract 1 from your current rating) due to its masculine color. If you have been transed by this change, go to page 5 for the gender transitioning rules. You may take off the shield at any time to nullify the PGS shift.
Seeing nothing else in the hole, you crawl back the way you came and open the door at the end of the corridor. Go to 7.


You open the door and find yourself in what looks like a kitchen and eating area. On one side, a fire oven (currently not burning) is flanked by counters and cupboards. You shudder at the thought of what TERFs might desire to cook. The rest of the room is occupied by long wooden tables and chairs. There is nothing on the tables. There are two corridors leading away from the room, one on the left and one on the right. What do you do?
Look into the cupboards at the peril of your own sanity, if you have not already – go to 8.
Leave though the left corridor – go to 9.
Leave though the right corridor – go to 10.


You investigate the cupboards. They are mostly empty, except for two items:
* A pink cupcake adorned with a mysterious design on its icing, which looks like a mouth with thick lips, but vertical instead of horizontal. There is a dot near the top of it. This appears to be an occult TERF symbol. The cupcake was probably baked recently, as it looks fresh.
* A little toy truck which is neither blue nor pink. Unless you are agender, non-gender, or neutrois (i.e. your PGS equals 6), you must add 1 TERF point to your total if you take this item, because toys which are not blue of pink are a TERF plot to erase gender differences.
Pick up any items you wish, if you are able to do so, then go back to 7 to make a different choice.


You walk down the left corridor, which leads into a large but low room. There is a second level to the room, but it is blocked by a thick layer of fabric. Light filters through the fabric, giving the area you are in a ghostly appearance, as if it’s not quite real. There are ledges on all sides that would be accessible if you could get through the layer of fabric. What do you do?
Try to break through the fabric – go to 11.
Return to the kitchen area – go to 7.


You walk down the right corridor, which leads into a large room. There is another corridor at the other end of the room. This seems to be some kind of armory, as you see armor and weapons on the walls. Most of them are damaged, as TERFs are constantly losing battles against the righteous forces of Good. There are also a lot of broken pieces of equipment on the floor. There is one item that is in pristine condition and highly polished: it is a double-bladed axe with a symbol engraved on it, two intertwined circles with crosses coming out of them. What do you do?
Take the axe – go to 12.
Return to the kitchen- go to 7.
Continue forward- go to 13.


You touch the ceiling. It seems to be made of cotton. What happens next depends on your PGS.
If your PGS is between 1 and 9 – You try to penetrate the fabric but you are incapable of doing so, despite your best intentions. You rage against the injustice of it all, but the ceiling continues to taunt you. You must return to 7 and make a different choice.
If your PGS is higher than 9 – You have no problem putting your arms through the fabric, but now you must hoist yourself up. Roll 2d: if you roll under your Strength, you are able to lift yourself up to the second level. If you fail, you lose 1 HP due to your exertions. You may try to repeat this attempt as many times as you want. If you are unable to make it, return to 7 and make a different choice. If you make it to the second level, go to 14.


You take the double-bladed axe, and immediately feel your entire body burning. What you have just picked up is a labrys, a magical weapon made by bigoted monosexual femmes to kill transwomen. This is a weapon of pure evil, and by touching it you have doomed yourself to become a TERF. For the rest of your life, you will roam these corridors as a murderous agent of Evil. Your adventure ends here.


You walk through a winding corridor which leads you to a wooden door. You open the door and find yourself in a huge room. At the center of this room is a giant golem, which looks as if it was chiseled from a gigantic block of iron. The golem appears to be sad.
“I’m in my time of the month,” says the golem with a booming voice that reverberates inside you. “So I’m not really feeling it right now. Couldn’t you just go away? I’m having a craving for desserts, get me one and I’ll let you pass.” What do you do?
Give the golem a pink cupcake, if you have one – go to 15.
Give the golem a tampon, if you have one – go to 16.
Fight the golem – go to 17.


You have successfully broken through the cotton ceiling. You feel very satisfied by your accomplishment. You find a slightly used tampon on the floor, which you can take. You leave the room through a corridor in front of you. Go to 13.


The golem roars. “How dare you give me this feminine food! I identify as a primarily male trigender transracial hobbit! I’ve had enough of you weirdoes misgendering me!” You must fight the golem, but first add 1 TERF point to your total for misgendering the golem.

preferred pronouns: he, him, smallself
HP: 32, ATK: 2d (hit on 9+), DEF: 6

If you reduce the Golem to 16 HP or less, go to 18.


“Thank you, but I find that your gift is based on TERF misinformation. One does not need a front hole to menstruate. In fact, the best menstruators are people who do not have front holes at all.” Add 3 TERF points to your total for your enormous blunder. If you become a TERF due to this event, the golem will crush you immediately, ending your adventure here.
“You should be ashamed of yourself for your intolerance. But I have to… go to the bathroom now. So you may pass. If you are still here when I’m back, I will kill you for sure.” You do not ask any questions and continue forward. Go to 19.


The golem roars, rearing its enormous fists to hit you.

preferred pronouns: he, him, smallself
HP: 32, ATK: 2d (hit on 9+), DEF: 6

If you reduce the Golem to 16 HP or less, go to 18.


“I’m feeling more like a woman right now,” said the golem. “I’m tired of fighting. Can’t we all get along? I’m just a tiny little female hobbit. Why are you trying to kill me? You’re so cruel, trying to kill a tiny widdle hobbit.”
You feel ashamed for attacking a hobbit-identified person. You walk around the golem, who is now crying on the floor, and continue forward. Go to 19.


Why be pro-HIV?

Why be pro-HIV?
By Dr. Dexter Sexsmith
Senior Researcher, Institute of Baraminology

The concept of being pro-HIV may seem bizarre, because our secular media does not recognize the glory of God in all its multifarious incarnations. Indeed, we have all been told that the HIV must be eradicated. This attitude is reminiscent of the Nazi propaganda deployed against Jews. Like Jews, the HIV is a “vermin” which will kill everything good and virtuous unless we can “cleanse” ourselves of it. After much prayer, I write to you now to speak the Biblical truth about the HIV.

The Bible is clear on this point: that our Lord God created all forms of life on this planet, including the HIV. Indeed, it seems very probable that God had a special plan for the HIV, as it has for humans and many other living things. God certainly did not plan for a human to have forcible intercourse with a monkey and to coercively move the HIV to human bodies. You can be quite sure that there was no human-monkey sexual congress in God’s plan. This subordination of God’s perfect order is no doubt another demonstration of man’s sinful nature.

You can be sure that the killing of the HIV is an act of murder against a perfect life that God has created. The Bible is clear on this also: thou shalt not murder. A malignant Papist might reply that the HIV also commits murder against humans. But this is a misunderstanding of nature. Indeed, most animals do not have free will and operate only under God’s perfect plan. The HIV does not seek to kill humans, it only seeks to do the Lord’s work that is within its own capacities and abilities. And so it is incontrovertibly clear that killing the HIV is an act of murder.

The secular world wants you to believe that we, Biblical literalists who acknowledge that all life is of equal worth, value the HIV more than we value human beings. This is absolutely incorrect and betrays a mind focused on the World instead of our Lord. What a load of poppycock! Our goal should be the preservation of all life, especially that of humans, because humans were made in the image of God. But being made in the image of God and having free will, we also have a corresponding duty to follow God’s rules, including the duty to not murder other life-forms. Indeed, that duty is what distinguishes us from lower life-forms, including Papists.

I hope that, by this point, you are convinced that killing the HIV is an act of murder (the premeditated killing of an innocent life). No doubt you surely will have further objections. I will answer those I can foresee and, God willing, you will be able to answer any remaining questions through prayer and fasting.

You may object that the murder of the HIV is permissible because it is only performed when a human life is threatened. This betrays a shameful misunderstanding of the legal ramifications of our secular society’s disdain for life. Indeed, the murder of the HIV is legal at any time, even when a human life is not threatened. Indeed, so-called “laboratories” (repositories of God’s wrath) perform murder on the HIV when it is not even contained within a human vehicle. The inexorable fact remains that no murder of the HIV is justified, whether it is contained in a human vehicle or not. Imagine if we valued human lives based on whether they were riding automobiles or not, and justified the murder of humans because they were located in automobiles at the time of the murder! It would be funny, if it wasn’t exactly the same as laughing in God’s very face. And God will not be mocked.

You may object that, as human beings with free will, we should have the “freedom of choice” to commit murder or not. You can be sure that this concept is a humanist invention designed to cover their depravity. “Freedom of choice” indeed! While it is true that Almighty God did specially create human beings so they could choose between worshipping Him and rejecting His benevolent plan for mankind, this does not mean that we, the saved, should openly permit acts of defiance against God’s will to stand unanswered. We do not have the freedom to kill other humans, and likewise we shalt not have the freedom to kill the HIV.

If the HIV, a life-form created by God, can be killed with impunity, then what’s to prevent a new Holocaust? Indeed, the Jews were seen as parasites on the body of society, much like how we see the HIV. Once you fail to respect life in some form, you will inevitably fail to respect life in all forms.

You may object that preserving the HIV goes against our human rights, that people who are afflicted with AIDS are too badly off. But the real solution to this problem is to accommodate people with AIDS better, not the wholesale murder of the HIV. There is no reason why we cannot live in peace with the HIV, if we have the will to do so. You can be sure that nothing is impossible when God is on your side, and you can take that to the bank. We at the Institute of Baraminology have been able to accomplish things that the secular World claimed were impossible. All that was required were will to succeed, unyielding faith, and hard work. Together we can ensure that people with AIDS can lead a fulfilling life while honoring God’s perfect creation.

You may object that the HIV is not a person, while human beings are. Yet the HIV is able to move about, communicate with each other, and accomplish goals, like all other life-forms. That’s more than you can say about your average Papist!

It is regrettable that human beings, even amongst the saved, are using the murder of the HIV to cover up for their sexual transgressions (such as two men lying with each other, which according to the Bible is an abomination, even if they are in separate sleeping bags). What is really needed here is not to allow the murder of the HIV, but to hold humans accountable for their sexual transgressions. No right-thinking Christian shalt allow such perversion to remain unanswered.

I call upon all right-thinking Christians to stop endorsing the wholesale, cold-blooded murder of the HIV.
I call upon all right-thinking Christians to condemn the “doctors” who perform this wholesale, cold-blooded murder.
I call upon all right-thinking Christians to stop this wholesale, cold-blooded murder, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost!

I thank you for your attention. God be with you.

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“If I Lost a Finger…”

If I lost a finger
Due to some misfortune
If I had four fingers and not five
I would surely do well and survive

I’d identify as Mickey Mouse
Because Mickey Mouse has four fingers

Oh, if my skin was green
Due to some misfortune
If my skin was green and not pale pink
I would probably do well, I think

I’d identify as a lizard
Because all lizards have greenish skin

Oh, if I lost a leg
Due to some misfortune
If I had one leg and not two
I would have the same life that I knew

I’d identify as a pogo stick
Because pogo sticks have just one leg

If I lost both my legs
Due to some misfortune
If I had no more legs, none at all
It may not really be my downfall

I’d identify as a flatworm
Because flatworms have no legs at all

If I lost all my hair
Due to some misfortune
If I was totally shiny bald
I would not be specially appalled

I’d identify as a black hole
Because black holes have no hair at all

If I lost my penis
Due to some misfortune
If I was cleanly, neatly dickless
I would not then be anything less

I’d identify as a woman
Because women don’t have a penis

So you see, the lesson here is that
Biology is shite, science is subjective
You are what you identify as.

“Sorry sir, but we only sell zorgles here.”

Customer enters the store and walks up to the counter.

CUSTOMER: ‘ello guv, I’d like some cheese.
WORKER: Sorry sir, but we only sell zorgles here.
CUSTOMER: Ey? What’s a zorgle?
WORKER: A zorgle is, well, whatever you think is a zorgle, sir.
CUSTOMER: I have not the faintest idea what is or is not a zorgle.
WORKER: It’s quite simple: whatever you think is a zorgle, is a zorgle.
CUSTOMER: So it’s a thing…
WORKER: Quite so.
CUSTOMER: … but what kind of thing?
WORKER: Whatever kind of thing you think it is.
CUSTOMER: Now listen here. How can I know what you sell if you won’t tell me what it is?
WORKER: But I told you what it is, sir. It is what you think it is. If you think something is a zorgle, it’s a zorgle.
CUSTOMER: Well, I think cheese is a zorgle.
WORKER: That is your prerogative, sir.
CUSTOMER: Then give me some cheese.
WORKER: Ah, I’m afraid that’s not possible, sir. You see, the store doesn’t think cheese is a zorgle. So we don’t keep that in stock.
CUSTOMER: What? But you said a zorgle was whatever I thought was a zorgle.
WORKER: Quite, quite, but the same is true for us too. Whatever we think is a zorgle, is a zorgle, nothing more nothing less. So we keep in stock what we define as a zorgle.
CUSTOMER: And what do you define as a zorgle?
WORKER: Why, what we think is a zorgle, of course.
CUSTOMER: But that doesn’t tell me what you actually sell.
WORKER: Why sir, we sell zorgles. This is a zorgle store. Didn’t you see the sign?
CUSTOMER: But that’s not… what… this is… you can’t define something by using itself! That’s circular!
WORKER: Circular, sir? No, zorgles are not circular at all, at least in my mind, sir.
CUSTOMER: That’s not what I-
WORKER: (interrupting) But the shape actually has nothing to do with it at all. You see, whatever we think is a zorgle, is a zorgle, regardless of shape. It’s really that simple.
CUSTOMER: Who would open such a preposterous store? A store that sells whatever you think about! That’s the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard of!
WORKER: (icily) I surely do not appreciate your tone of voice. We provide a great service to the community, sir. I would rather you didn’t speak ill of our illustrious owner.
CUSTOMER: And who is this moronic owner?
WORKER: Why, it’s you, of course!
CUSTOMER: Me? ME? I’m afraid you are quite insane.
WORKER: Not at all, sir. The zorgle is a part of all of us. And you are the owner just as much as anyone else.
CUSTOMER: What is this, Eastern philosophy for dummies? You are quite raving mad.
WORKER: I assure you not, sir. I am quite sane.
CUSTOMER: Well, I’ve had quite enough of this nonsense. Goodbye.
WORKER: Sir! Wait!
CUSTOMER: What is it now?
WORKER: Didn’t you come here to buy something?
CUSTOMER: Yes. I wanted cheese.
WORKER: Oh, we don’t have that, sir. But try something else.
CUSTOMER: (sighs) Fine. Do you have any cigarettes?
WORKER: No, no cigarettes.
CUSTOMER: A rabbit?
WORKER: I’m afraid that’s for the pet shop, sir.
CUSTOMER: Raincoat?
WORKER: No windbreakers, no.
CUSTOMER: Windshield wipers?
WORKER: Let me look… oh no, it’s Tuesday, so we don’t have any.
CUSTOMER: Calipers?
WORKER: What did you say?
CUSTOMER: Calipers.
WORKER: Oh no, we don’t have that.
CUSTOMER: Mangerators?
WORKER: Yes, we have those.
CUSTOMER: But I just made it up!
WORKER: Ah. I see, sir. Well then in that case we don’t have any.
CUSTOMER: Well what DO you have?
WORKER: Zorgles, sir.
CUSTOMER: But what are zorgles?
WORKER: We’ve already been through that, sir.
CUSTOMER: Aaaaaaaaaargh!
WORKER: Your frustration is rather offensive, sir. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.
CUSTOMER: Why should I leave? You’re the one who’s being unhelpful! You are the most unhelpful man I’ve ever had to deal with!
WORKER: You’re assuming I identify as a man, sir. You are actually incorrect. I identify as a zorglist. It’s a new gender promoted by the LGBTQIAPK2SAA community.
CUSTOMER: What’s a zorglist?
WORKER: A zorglist is someone who sells zorgles.
CUSTOMER: Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! *Customer starts to trash the store*