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American soldier “I killed innocent people”

Here’s a related video actually showing innocents being killed: US forces kill journalists, ambulance crew, shoot children in Iraq.

To all soldiers: here’s how to go AWOL from the Army. Be a man and stop feeding the genodice/rape/torture machine. I know that you know in your heart it’s the only right thing to do (this is the only kind word I will ever say to you on this blog, so don’t get used to it).

Howard Zinn on the war…

Howard Zinn is dead, but the fight against war continues. Here is Howard Zinn on the “war on terror”

Terrorism and war have something in common. They both involve the killing of innocent people to achieve what the killers believe is a good end. I can see an immediate objection to this equation: They (the terrorists) deliberately kill innocent people; we (the war makers) aim at “military targets,” and civilians are killed by accident, as “collateral damage.”

Is it really an accident when civilians die under our bombs? Even if you grant that the intention is not to kill civilians, if they nevertheless become victims, again and again and again, can that be called an accident? If the deaths of civilians are inevitable in bombing, it may not be deliberate, but it is not an accident, and the bombers cannot be considered innocent. They are committing murder as surely as are the terrorists.

The absurdity of claiming innocence in such cases becomes apparent when the death tolls from “collateral damage” reach figures far greater than the lists of the dead from even the most awful act of terrorism. Thus, the “collateral damage” in the Gulf War caused more people to die–hundreds of thousands, if you include the victims of our sanctions policy–than the very deliberate terrorist attack of September 11. The total of those who have died in Israel from Palestinian terrorist bombs is somewhere under 1,000. The number of dead from “collateral damage” in the bombing of Beirut during Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982 was roughly 6,000.

We must not match the death lists–it is an ugly exercise–as if one atrocity is worse than another. No killing of innocents, whether deliberate or “accidental,” can be justified. My argument is that when children die at the hands of terrorists, or–whether intended or not–as a result of bombs dropped from airplanes, terrorism and war become equally unpardonable.

Winter Soldier Southwest – “Just Another Tuesday”

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Soldiers and warmongers are cunts: a rant.

UPDATE: This entry is being read by a bunch of redditers busy sucking ex-military dick. Get a life and stop getting off to murderporn, reddit. If I already didn’t have good reason to hate that site, I would now.


You are the boot stomping on our faces, eternally. You are the gun that scares people into compliance. You are the dipshits wearing camo around town that make me think you are clowns.

You are worse than Osama: at least he has just cause. But all you do is kill for your masters. The ruling class doesn’t give a shit about my safety or your safety, or about anyone’s well-being, but you still bow down to them and obey them like the boot-licking dog that you are. Keep enriching your plutocratic masters, you cunts.

Christians, Jews, Islamists, you kill for your petty gods, and for your cuntry. Atheists, you just kill for your cuntry, which just makes you more despicable and self-righteous. Whatever your religion, you are a whore and you shame your own humanity. Gods have always relished slaughtering people in order to inflate themselves with pride or extinguish their anger, and you people aren’t any better than the gods you made up. All you do is kill for pride or anger. You are all sick.

Anyone who participates in war, in any capacity, is a traitor to the working class and a traitor to humanity. Anyone who pays for war through their taxes is, at best, a coward.

No one should be in favour of war. If you want war, then you are an insane lunatic. Why do you walk around as if you were normal? What the fuck do you think you are, some kind of baboon screaming at another tribe of baboons? Is this what civilization is reduced to? Normal human beings do NOT want to kill other human beings! This should be obvious to anyone who is not fucking insane! Don’t give me your fucking bullshit ideologies. Don’t you have any personal opinion on the matter? If you’re gonna tell me that you honestly support war, any war, then I declare that you are fucking insane.

People have been so corrupted by State indoctrination that they can’t even figure out “thou shalt not kill” any more. We live in one fucked up world.

Get on your knees cocksuckers! You wrap your lips around the State’s cock, swallowing every fucking drop of propaganda that it ejaculates, and then profess your rapturous love for the cock that raped your lips. You let that cock rape you in the ass, making you bleed your freedom and your money, and yet, as you bite the pillow, you praise the rapist that scars you for life, you lick his penis clean, and you wash your wounds up so that no one can see how low you’ve gone.

And then you come up with your cum-stained faces to scream at us: LOOK HOW DIGNIFIED I AM! I SUPPORT MY COUNTRY! I SUPPORT MY ARMY!

Anarchists may be unpopular, but at least we have some fucking dignity.

War is just semantics…

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War means murdering the innocent.

Arthur Silber is as bewildered by pro-war advocates as I am:

I don’t know what to say any longer when I come across statements of this kind. In other words: there still might be a result that could make the slaughter of hundreds of thousands “worth it.” In the end, it does not matter that we attacked a country that had not attacked us, and that did not threaten us. Our criminal acts have no ultimate significance. If the end is a “success” — in our terms, even though those terms have nothing whatsoever to do with the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis we have murdered — then all those deaths need not concern us further.

For most people, the five-year-old Iraqi girl has no reality. Nor do her parents, or the other members of her family, or all the countless other Iraqis whose lives have been devastated and altered forever by what we have done.

That could very well be true. Perhaps these people justify their extreme immorality by simply ignoring the hurt caused by their actions. They wouldn’t be the first, or the last. Perhaps they justify it by “the end justifies the means.” Once again, they wouldn’t be the first.

Doesn’t make them any less corrupt.

Howard Zinn on war.

Patriotism is defined as obedience to government, obscuring the difference between the government and the people. Thus, soldiers are led to believe that we are fighting for our country when in fact they are fighting for the government — an artificial entity different from the people of the country — and indeed are following policies dangerous to its own people.My own reflections on my experiences as a bombardier, and my research on the wars of the United States have led me to certain conclusions about war and the dropping of bombs that accompany modern warfare.

One: The means of waging war (demolition bombs, cluster bombs, white phosphorus, nuclear weapons, napalm) have become so horrendous in their effects on human beings that no political end— however laudable, the existence of no enemy — however vicious, can justify war.

Two: The horrors of the means are certain, the achievement of the ends always uncertain.

Three: When you bomb a country ruled by a tyrant, you kill the victims of the tyrant.

Four: War poisons the soul of everyone who engages in it, so that the most ordinary of people become capable of terrible acts.

Five: Since the ratio of civilian deaths to military deaths in war has risen sharply with each subsequent war of the past century (10% civilian deaths in World War I, 50% in World War II, 70% in Vietnam, 80-90% in Afghanistan and Iraq) and since a significant percentage of these civilians are children, then war is inevitably a war against children.

Six: We cannot claim that there is a moral distinction between a government which bombs and kills innocent people and a terrorist organization which does the same. The argument is made that deaths in the first case are accidental, while in the second case they are deliberate. However, it does not matter that the pilot dropping the bombs does not intend to kill innocent people — that he does so is inevitable, for it is the nature of bombing to be indiscriminate. Even if the bombing equipment is so sophisticated that the pilot can target a house, a vehicle, there is never certainty about who is in the house or who is in the vehicle.

Seven: War, and the bombing that accompanies war, are the ultimate terrorism, for governments can command means of destruction on a far greater scale than any terrorist group.

These considerations lead me to conclude that if we care about human life, about justice, about the equal right of all children to exist, we must, in defiance of whatever we are told by those in authority, pledge ourselves to oppose all wars.

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Miltiaristic brainwashing redux…

Kent McManigal made an entry called Militaristic Brainwashing. In the comments section, a few class traitors showed their ugly little head, and I squashed them good. Here are a couple of choice quotes:

I made a commitment to serve this country in gratitude for the opportunities I got here.

Said opportunities apparently including killing brown people for plutocratic profit. And I really can’t believe that even a thick-headed soldier doesn’t realize who he’s serving (definitely not the “country” or the population at large).

You grew up enjoying the many freedoms so many others are lacking in this world, yet you condemn those who want to help protect them.

I can safely say I have never, ever condemned people who want to help me protect my freedoms. Of course, this whackjob believes he’s one of them… He thinks killing brown people who live half the world away protects my freedom!

How more cuckoo insane can you get?

Also posted on the comments section is my honest question to all soldier (not that I expect any answer that doesn’t have “you cocksucker” in it, given their intelligence level):

How does it feel to put your life on the line so that Haliburton and Lockheed Martin can make hundreds of billions of dollars and so that the US ruling class can expand its powers into the Middle East and attack our civil rights? In short, to be a total sell-out to the rich and powerful?