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Some cartoons from Chaos Life.

From Chaos Life (1, 2, 3, 4)

Religion makes children more gullible.

A study finds that being religiously indoctrinated makes children more likely to accept made-up elements in stories as real. This factor no doubt contributes to the myth of children’s gullibility.

“The results suggest that exposure to religious ideas has a powerful impact on children’s differentiation between reality and fiction, not just for religious stories but also for fantastical stories,” the study concluded.

Fuck the expectation of forgiveness.

Red Flag Archives comments on how much victims are pushed to forgive, and how damaging that can be.

Our culture often tells survivors/victims to “forgive and forget” while at the same time victim blaming them for staying with an abuser. They can’t win. Personally, every time I gave an abuser a second chance, I just got abused more. Whether it was abusive exes, abusive friends, or abusive family members. That is not to say that anyone who chooses (or is forced) to stay or go back to a situation in which their abuser is back in their life that it is their fault if they experience abuse. Again, it is ALWAYS the abuser’s responsibility not to abuse, not the survivor/victim’s responsibility to not get abused.

I think our culture more commonly expects us to forgive abusive family members (or people in a specific community), like, for the sake of the rest of the family (or community). They tell you you’re “breaking the family apart”, when really the abuser, and everyone who supports the abuser rather than the abused, is who is responsible for breaking the family apart. Survivors/victims are being blamed for both being abused, and the after effects of the abuse, and then told how to feel and react while the abuser’s behavior is ignored.

And I think we can connect this to the larger socio-political context as well.

Five questions for prostitution advocates, by Huff Yupp

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1: Multiple studies have shown that the vast majority of women in prostitution would exit immediately if given the chance. With this in mind, how can working inside the sex industry be seen as an expression of agency or free choice?

2: Women of color, indigenous women, and economically disadvantaged women are massively overrepresented in prostitution. Consider other institutions that rely primarily on the labor of the most oppressed members of the society. Do we consider them just or unjust?

3: Prostitution has traditionally been used as an expression of colonialism, genocide, femicide, and white supremacy. Can you point out even a single instance of a sex industry that was not based in or plagued by patriarchy, racism, and classism?

4: Consider the prominent male voices in support of prostitution. Are you comfortable supporting an industry fueled almost solely by the demand of anti-feminist and openly misogynistic men?

5: Do you believe the average man who purchases sex respects or otherwise cares about the safety and dignity of prostituted women? If not, do you believe that encouraging or promoting increased sexual contact between women and misogynists is a sensible approach to promoting women’s rights across the globe?

From Gender Detective.

The primary function of police is to protect property and white supremacy.

Because capitalism is inherently racist, police departments everywhere serve at the behest of corporate sponsored governments — that is, in protective service of white supremacist private corporate power. As an institution police departments operate as state sanctioned gangs employed to uphold the violent, racist hierarchy of capitalism and, whenever possible, to further the monopoly of power where all violence from/by those higher on the hierarchy upon those lower can be legalized and normalized. Any deviation from this narrative, any counterviolence — or even the threat of force — by those lower on the hierarchy upon those higher is met with brutal repression. This is why cops are always present at protests. It is not to “keep the peace.” It is to protect the private property/interests of corporate power, the owners of US government, and to maintain at all times the explicit reminder of America’s power hierarchy, meaning, inevitably, black and brown people’s brutalization above all others. Such will always be the primary function of police no matter who we elect — Democrat or Republican — so long as the cement between private corporate power and government remains un-fractured. Thus we know, all cops may not be racist, but all cops replicate/enforce white supremacist, capitalist oppression.

The word “cis” is male-centric. / “Cis” is anti-feminist.

Stop using the word “cis.” It’s a slur against women. But, Secretly Radical says, it’s not just a slur but also a representation of male domination against women.

Let’s take a simple statement:

Cis women are privileged over trans women [and should therefore elevate and center trans women in feminism.]

Now let’s break it down.

Cis women are privileged over trans women = female women are privileged over male women.

Cross out the common denominator “women,” and you get to the heart of the matter: females are privileged over males [and should therefore elevate and center males in feminism.] MRA much?

Even using the most clear-cut, limited definition of “trans,” “cis” as not-trans, when applied to women, still centers and elevates males over females.

In a similar vein, Week Woman discusses how she was confronted with the term “cis” and how it doesn’t fit her lived experience as a woman.

I do not identify with being silent

I do not identify with being pink

I do not identify with being soft

I do not identify with being scared

I do not identify with being weak

I do not identify with being submissive

I do not identify with being irrational

I do not identify with being hysterical

I do not identify with being bad at maths

I do not identify with being unintelligent

I do not identify with being followed

I do not identify with being grabbed

I do not identify with being assaulted

I do not identify with being raped

I do not identify with being inferior

I do not identify with being a woman as society has created it.

I do not identify as cis. I am not cis. I am a woman trying to fight with every fibre of my being against everything that my “gender identity” tells me to be. Woman as defined by society is not my gender identity. My gender identity is fuck this oppressive bullshit, and let me be a human fucking being.

Gender roles hurt all children.

Usually I reject the whole “gender hurts everyone” rhetoric because it’s clear that gender is meant to first and foremost subordinate women, and men shouldn’t get brownie points just because they can’t do everything they want. But in the case of children, I think it’s clear that gender does hurt all children, and we do need to state that up front.

Pereira observed both boys and girls regulating their behavior in potentially harmful ways in order to adhere to gender norms. For instance, even girls who enjoyed sports often avoided physical activity at school because they assumed it wouldn’t be a feminine thing to do, they worried they might look unattractive while running, or they were mocked by their male peers for not being good enough. The girls also put themselves on diets because they believed desirable women have to be skinny.

“All of the girls were within very healthy weights, but they were all restricting their intake of food in some way. So what we’re really talking about here is 14-year-old girls, whose bodies are changing and developing, depriving themselves at every meal,” Pereira said. “In the extreme, that can lead to things like eating disorders. But even for the women who don’t reach the extreme, it can be very unhealthy for them.”

Meanwhile, the male participants in the study all faced intense pressure to demonstrate the extent of their manliness, which led to what Pereira calls “everyday low-level violence”: slapping and hitting each other, as well as inflicting pain on other boys’ genitals. They were encouraged to physically fight each other if they were ever mocked or offended. They felt like they had to drink unhealthy amounts of alcohol because that’s what a man would do. And they were under certain mental health strains, too; struggling with anxiety about proving themselves and suppressing their feelings, all while lacking a strong emotional support system.

Some strips from Poorly Drawn Lines.

From Poorly Drawn Lines (1, 2).


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