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Most of the victims in the War on Opiates are innocent people who suffer.

Fighting opiates is creating tremendous amounts of suffering every day, and patients can do nothing about it because they are treated like drug addicts. And yet no one gives a shit about these real victims. Kaitlyn Brennan speaks truth. FUCK YOU if you support the War on Opiates. Honestly.

Law makers, doctors, and advocates everywhere consider this “war” to be two sided. It is depicted as the addicts against everyone else, but this is not the whole side of the story. Behind the fight against these addictive medications there is a girl sitting at home barely holding it together. This is a girl who is sitting in a neck brace with pain at a 7 barely making it through every day. To her, every day is an uphill battle, and she will have to keep fighting to make it to the top. The only thing keeping her functional is her medication. Without her tramadol she would be sitting on her couch, immobile, with nothing on her mind except pain. This girl is me. The only reason I am capable of sitting here writing this article is because of my pain medication. The truth is that I am not an addict though, I am a chronic pain patient.

Every day I suffer from an array of dislocations and subluxations of all my joints from my fingers to my neck due to a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. This is a very painful, debilitating condition, but with the help of my phenomenal pain management doctors I have been able to function in life as a normal teenager. I can go out with friends, go to school, and attend football games and school plays. My biggest fear though is losing my medications to new laws. What law makers do not understand about patients on opiates is that we do take them for the high, but our high is different.Our high is those few blissful minutes where our pain has almost completely disappeared.

Recently I have heard heart breaking tales of my friends losing these medications due to new opiate laws being passed along with the new CDC opiate guidelines. Many of my fellow Ehlers Danlos patients are scared to go to the emergency room because they know that the first thing the doctors will do will be take away their medication.

Transcult-speak is really anti-women speak.

Trans nightmare talks about decoding the language of the trans cult. It’s all about men invading women-only spaces.

For “transwomen”, substitute “penis” or “men”. Article titles will read “Men have right to use women’s restrooms”, “Radfems are penis-phobic”, “Women who reject penis need to work through bigotry”, and so on and so forth. Their real motives become clear.

For “boys in girls’ bodies”, substitute “butch girls” or “tomboys”.

For “transgender children,” substitute “gender nonconforming children”.

For “transgender surgery”, substitute “permanent sterilization”.

With this in mind, articles would read “tomboys will become dysphoric and suicidal.” “Gender nonconforming children need permanent sterilization.” “Women need to allow penises into their restrooms and lesbians who won’t have sex with men are transphobic.” In fact, the use of the word “trans” to refer to males obscures the real goal of many transactivists: letting men into women’s spaces. They use the word “trans” because it sounds less controversial than saying “men should be allowed in women’s spaces.”

Self-interest is too vague a term to mean anything.

In this entry, Ian Welsh discusses common notions of “self-interest” and why they don’t add up.

People have many reasons for doing what they do. Self-interest, if it is so nebulous a concept as to mean “whatever you do is in your self-interest” is actually so nebulous as to have no explanatory power.

If you want to get people to do something due to fear, say so: “We’ll scare them into doing it.”

If you want them to do it due to patriotism, say that. If you intend to coerce them, say that: “If they don’t, we’ll throw them in jail.” If you want them to do it because it’s the kind thing to do, say “We’ll appeal to their kindness.”

Now it’s true that there are lots of category errors. You can think you’re appealing to kindness and really be appealing to self-image, or to social ties (“People will despise me if I don’t and like me if I do,” etc.). You can appeal to reciprocity. You can even appeal to pure altruism or pure tribalism.

And you can admit that there may be a mix of motives, including self-interest, without boiling everything down to self-interest…

Our concepts of human nature predict our policies. Self-interest as a foundation stone of human nature means that we create our societies around self-interest. And that does not work.

The logic of “empowerment” taken to its logical conclusion.

if women can be “empowered” by degrees or success, then that means an intelligent, successful woman cannot be victimized. That is the logic Meghan Murphy discusses in this article.

While certainly there are groups of women on this planet who are particularly vulnerable — poor women, women of colour, and disabled women, for example — it is also true that simply being born female ensures you a lifetime of vulnerability, harassment, fear, and discrimination. But today, “cis” has effectively erased that reality — it has erased the systemic nature of women’s oppression, and the fact that we have no choice in the matter. “Cis” says that it is not females who are oppressed under patriarchy, but people (or folx, if you prefer) — and that oppression is based not on what class of people you are born into, but on one’s internal, chosen, or expressed “identity.” So, for example, if you choose to identify as “non-binary” or “transgender,” you can claim women who are just regular old females hold power and privilege over you. I mean, tell that to a girl born into a brothel, or the countless girls who are sexually abused by male family members, or the girls who are subjected to FGM, or trafficked within their communities. Tell that to a woman who must endure pregnancy because she can’t access an abortion or who is thrown in jail for miscarrying. Tell the women murdered by their partners or ex-partners every day, across the globe. Tell the hundreds of Indigenous women who have gone missing or been murdered, on account of male violence. Do tell these girls and women about their “cis” privilege.

Existential Comics on: existentialism, foreign policy, and meaning.

From Existential Comics (1, 2, 3).

The Girls and the Grasses

A now-famous text, at least in radfem circles, by Lierre Keith. Go read it, if you have any patience for online reading.

If feminism was reduced to one word, it would be this: no. “No” is a boundary, spoken only by a self who claims one. Objects have neither; subjects begin at no. Feminists said no and we meant it.

The boundary of “no” extended outward, an insult to one being an injury to all: “we” is the word of political movements. Without it, women are cast adrift in a hostile, chaotic sea, holding our breath against the next Bad Thing. With the lens of feminism, the chaos snaps into sharp focus. We gave words to the Bad Things, then faced down denial and despair to see the pattern. That’s called theory. Then we demanded remedies. That’s what subjects, especially political subjects, do. Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the British suffragettes, worked at the Census Office as a birth registrar. Every day, young girls came in with their newborns. Every day, she had to ask who the father was, and every day the girls wept in humiliation and rage. Reader, you know who the fathers were. That’s why Pankhurst never gave up.

To say no to the sadist is to assert those girls as political subjects, as human beings with the standing the comes from inalienable rights. Each and every life is self-willed and sovereign; each life can only be lived in a body. Not an object to be broken down for parts: a living body. Child sexual abuse is especially designed to turn the body into a cage. The bars may start as terror and pain but they will harden to self-loathing. Instilling shame is the best method to ensure compliance: we are ashamed—sexual violation is very good at that—and for the rest of our lives we will comply. Our compliance is, of course, his control. His power is his pleasure, and another generation of girls will grow up in bodies they will surely hate, to be women who comply.

Sex work is not “empowering.”

“One of my best friends, a girl I have known since I was like 16, is a “sex worker”. She was abandoned by her father and abused by her unstable mother. She has multiple learning disabilities, processing difficulties, and executive dysfunction. She has never received proper treatment or diagnosis other than being labeled with a form of Autism in early elementary school.

She is the single mother of a child conceive by the man who, when she was fresh out of HS, essentially kidnapped her to the other side of the country and pimped her out to support his crack habit, all while starving and beating her almost to death.

She risked her life to leave, only to be left completely dependent on her still-abusive mother (who not only starves and degrades her, but also refuses to allow her to see a psychologist because the mother “doesnt believe in mental illness” and considers people on psych medication to be “drug addicts”).

Her mother also refuses to get her the testing that would possibly entitle to her to some sort of social security disability benefits, job placement programs, and other resources for the disabled. Her mom also regularly steals her meager WIC checks and food stamps allowances as ‘rent’. She’s going through all sorts of programs and on all sorts of waiting lists trying to do the right thing and get into a work placement program and she’s being strangled by red tape and bureaucracy.
She is the strongest woman I know but she is also, in every sense of the word, a vulnerable person.

In order to provide for her son, she has resorted back to ‘sex work’. She doesn’t talk about it much. In fact, the only thing she’s said since taking it back up took my breath away.

We had just finished painting Halloween pumpkins with her little son. The baby decided he was hungry, and attempted to open a fresh bag of cereal that we’d just picked up from the store. He wound up breaking the bag open, and everything spilled out over the yard. The cereal all spilled out, and some eggs were ruined; maybe 6 dollars worth of food. We were cleaning it up and she broke down crying. “He doesn’t get it.” She kept saying, over and over. “He doesn’t get what I had to do for this.”

There’s nothing empowering about a mentally disabled abuse survivor sobbing on her front lawn over a single broken bag of groceries because it means she’ll have to be raped again, sooner than expected, to keep herself and her child alive.

I’ve said it before and Ill say it again, if you buy sex in any form, you are a rapist who deserves a painful death and I personally hate you. This is not some one-off shock story, either. These are the girls you are buying. Most of their stories are even worse, a lot of their stories start as children. If you can perpetuate that and still live with yourself you need to be removed from this earth.”

Achewood on: the good ol’ days, alcoholism.

From Achewood (1, 2).