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Existential Comics on: causality, mad ma(r)x, anti-intellectual scientism.

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Half of all US food produce is thrown away

From The Guardian.

From the fields and orchards of California to the population centres of the east coast, farmers and others on the food distribution chain say high-value and nutritious food is being sacrificed to retailers’ demand for unattainable perfection.

“It’s all about blemish-free produce,” says Jay Johnson, who ships fresh fruit and vegetables from North Carolina and central Florida. “What happens in our business today is that it is either perfect, or it gets rejected. It is perfect to them, or they turn it down. And then you are stuck.”…

“I would say at times there is 25% of the crop that is just thrown away or fed to cattle,” said Wayde Kirschenman, whose family has been growing potatoes and other vegetables near Bakersfield, California, since the 1930s. “Sometimes it can be worse.”

Antinatalism: some statistics and quotes.

FantACEtic writes a short but sweet introduction to antinatalism.

A third to a half of men would rape if they could get away with it.

Ravishly discusses studies which have tried to establish what percentage of men would rape if they could get away with it.

In the 1980s, UCLA psychologist Neil Malamuth surveyed men’s attitudes toward sexual violence and found that 50% of men would force sex on a woman if they thought they could get away with it. There was a similar discrepancy between the men who admitted they would force sex and those who would “rape” if they could get away with it, which, again, was a “mere” 15%. (From an international perspective, a 2013 sweeping survey of over 10,000 men from six countries conducted by the UN found that most men who raped simply believed they had the right to take control of women’s bodies.)…

Take another recent survey of teenage girls, which showed that they believe sexual coercion—and even violence—is normal. Born with the foundational notion of men’s inability to control their sex drives—harassment and coercion, they believe, is just part of the female landscape.

A satire about equating anti-fascism with fascism.

From Something Awful: Yes, Antifreeze is the Moral Equivalent of Freeze

The chemical at the diabolical root of antifreeze is ethylene-glycol. One company accounts for over 75% of the production of ethylene-glycol in the United States: American Glycorp. The sixteenth largest shareholder of American Glycorp? None other than George Soros. Funny how that happens. It’s almost like somebody has a pro-freezing agenda.

Yes, the cold wants to freeze our engines, but antifreeze is not the hot. It isn’t the hot at all. It’s also the cold. It is time for our nation to do what is necessary for freedom and outlaw antifreeze. Only by making antifreeze criminal can we actually address freeze’s underlying causes: safe spaces on college campuses and Black Lives Matters not being worried about gang violence in Chicago.

The Gender Wage Gap

i-was-a-naive-antifeminist lists 13 reasons why women are paid less than men on the workplace.

5. The devaluing of work associated with women

People view men’s and women’s work differently. There is a tipping point at which men flee an occupation, and in the absence of perfect information, workers take the percentage of female employees as a proxy for an occupation’s prestige. When teaching in the US became female-dominated, the pay decreased. When programming in the US became male-dominated, the pay increased. Doctors save lives and go to school for many years no matter where you are in the world. But in Russia, they are paid the same wages as secretaries, making about 12,000 US dollars a year. A study of Census data from 1950 to 2000 found that when women enter an occupation in large numbers, that job begins to pay less, even after controlling for a range of factors like skill, race, geography, and occupational crowding.

Men’s low-wage jobs demand far less in terms of skill, education, and certifications than women’s low-wage jobs, yet the male-dominated ones usually have higher hourly pay. Janitors, who are mostly men, make 22 percent more money than maids and housecleaners, who are mostly women, despite the jobs requiring identical skills.

The probable future of the transcult and its liberal “useful idiots.”

Realistically what will happen without anybody noticing or caring over the next, say, five years is that there will be more attacks/harassment against women in bathrooms, changing rooms, refuges etc. Women will start to be less visible and to disadvantage themselves by, for example, only going to the gym and swimming pool at extremely busy times. Women will gradually start to cover themselves up more and more, to be alone in public less, to need to be ‘protected’ more by men.
There will be a divorce case where the mother and transgender husband fight for the children as mothers.
Where is a need for diversity, women will be replaced by transwomen, so that quotas can be filled and consciences eased without having to deal with maternity leave. Especially prominent women, newsreaders, the legal profession, politics. These are positions that will be actively sought by transwomen. There will be one or two or more transgender MPs, and every other MP will defer to them. There will certainly be transgender people in the Cabinet who will claim to speak for women (but won’t).
Women will be forced to accept another definition (possibly cisAFAB or something else equally dismal) and this definition will appear in official publications and feature in the OED.
In about 20 years, the women of this generation who helped to facilitate this erasure will begin to realise what they have done. They will start the fight again but this time it will be too late, because they will no longer know who they are fighting for. Transwomen will hamper and ambush them at every turn.
Of all the ways men have tried to destroy feminism, this has been the most successful. We’ve had the conservative, the religious, even the New Man attempt. They didn’t work because they could all in the end be seen as men, still doing things to women that women didn’t want.
Finally they have found a way to do the things to women that we don’t want, but to stop appearing as men while they do it. Non trans men have leapt at the opportunity. Young women socialised to ‘budge up’ are loving feeling needed by men. This is why transmania is winning, resulting in significant disadvantage to women and girls.
It will worsen, but it will be nothing sudden, just slow and very painful.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal on: fairy tales and consent, ultra-rational idiots, Noah’s Ark.

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