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How spirituality can magnify abuse.

7. “We are never victims – we create everything.” Don’t get me wrong: I like the idea that survivors can create a new reality for themselves, empower themselves and rebuild their lives, more victorious than ever. I encourage survivors to use all the tools they have at their disposal to achieve their goals and dreams (including a life of freedom away from their abusers), in both traditional and alternative ways. If the principles of manifestation helps you to achieve a new reality, go for it. There is nothing wrong with envisioning yourself in a brighter future and taking the steps to achieve your goals. You are worthy of the best life possible.

Yet when this idea is used to blame the victim for an abuser’s actions, it becomes extremely problematic. When society is focused on asking the victim what he or she “did” to create this situation, rather than showing compassion for their situation and thinking about which resources they could use to help them, we have more and more survivors remaining silent about the abuse they’re enduring (believing it is their fault), more survivors who feed into toxic self-blame and shame for a burden they never asked for. Victims are already told by their abuser that the abuse is all their fault – the last thing they need is for society to agree with them.

No one ever asks for or ever consciously creates for themselves an abusive relationship; survivors do not desire the traumas that come with an abusive relationship or the potentially lifelong impact. Victimhood is not a role abuse survivors play, either: it is a legitimate reality. Instead of placing the blame where it really belongs (on the perpetrator), this philosophy dismisses the fact that most victims do not see an abuser’s real self until they are already invested, minimizes the impact of chronic abuse on a survivor’s self-esteem, their agency and their capacity to leave an abuser with whom they develop a trauma bond.

How capitalism protects itself from failure

Capitalism, due to its inherent flaws, destroys itself in a number of ways. For capitalism to work, policies need to be in place for it to actively avoid these pitfalls:

1. It must not be allowed to form unregulated monopolies and oligopolies.
2. It must not be allowed to run bubbles; it must not be allowed to engage in mass fraud.
3. The money gained from it must not be allowed to turn into power which controls government.
4. Money must not, generally speaking, be allowed to buy anything that matters; from health care to a good education.

Capitalism, as the standard saying runs, is a good servant, and a terrible master. Only fools let capitalists actually control anything in their society that truly matters.

BDSM is not normal or healthy.

the fact that “sub-drop” and “dom-drop” are real things is proof enough of how vile BDSM is. it’s not normal or healthy

like check it out on BDSM wiki they literally say some of the side effects of sub drop aka how subs may feel after a BDSM scene include

Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and/or helplessness
Feelings of hopelessness and/or pessimism
Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex
Overeating or appetite loss
Persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment
Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” feelings
Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts
hmm sound familiar… almost like the results of sexual trauma…

Facts about childbirth you don’t usually hear about…

Send this article to anyone who’s planning on having a child…

“Lots of women wear adult diapers,” explained one woman, who said that they can be extremely useful in combatting the vast amounts of fluid that leak from a woman’s body after she has given birth.

“You and your baby will be exhausted and leaking from all kinds of strange places,” added another, who also advised wearing disposable puppy pads.

The connections between transgenderism and the power elite.

To get started there’s this video where they discuss the amount of funding the trans lobby has accrued in a very short time. And there’s this post by Miranda Yardley. He touches on the rich autogynephiles in positions of power in trans lobby organizations, and how these same organizations get millions of $$$ in bourgeois patronage from Starbucks, Apple, NBC, etc. Here’s another blogger who noticed how much elite support transgenderism has received.

Wealthy white men are at the top of the trans lobby. Magdalen Berns even responded to a VICE video which gave a glimpse of how many rich autogynephiles live in New York. Spoiler: there’s a lot. Not only do they tend to be wealthy, but they were inundated in strict conservatism growing up, so they tend to gravitate to a wholly stereotyped vision of “womanhood” that looks like it came out of the 50s. Unsurprisingly, their foray into transgenderism is always sexually charged and there’s at least an implied fetish element. So transgenderism is under the ideological leadership of the world’s least oppressed people.

Transgenderism accomplishes a ton of bourgeois goals all at once. It promotes woman-hatred. It is obliterating the concept of womanhood in popular discourse. It is completely destroying feminism through a divide-and-rule strategy; liberal feminists are employed as flying monkeys and radical feminists are subjected to extreme censorship and violence. It is an automatic backlash against the meager gains for LGB rights in the past couple decades; it has rebranded conversion therapy as progressive; it has declared lesbianism transphobic; and it has introduced “gender identity” into anti-discrimination laws, which completely nullifies protections on the basis of sex and sexual orientation. It has given privileged white men an oppressed card, which has completely slowed down the black liberation movement and the socialist movement, as both these movements try to reconcile fighting for the oppressed while obeying the whim of whiny narcissists. It helps spread imperialism when it starts getting exported into the third world and picks up “culturally specific genders” as its pawns.

It’s also extremely profitable.

At the base of transgenderism are some utterly reactionary philosophical assumptions. Transgenderism is idealist, meaning it elevates the mind and subjective feeling above material reality. It is mechanical, meaning it encourages the view that reality is made up of frozen parts, instead of the dialectical view that reality is a dynamic whole. In practice it relies on sophistry and fascist violence. Of course it hasn’t introduced these ways of thinking into capitalist society, but it is fundamentally a product of these ways of thinking.

David Benatar on Aeon

[I]t is difficult to escape the conclusion that all lives contain more bad than good, and that they are deprived of more good than they contain. However, such is the affirmation of life that most people cannot recognise this.

One important explanation for this is that in deliberating about whether their lives were worth starting, many people actually (but typically unwittingly) consider a different question, namely whether their lives are worth continuing. Because they imagine themselves not existing, their reflection on non-existence is with reference to a self that already exists. It is then quite easy to slip into thinking about the loss of that self, which is what death is. Given the life drive, it is not surprising that people come to the conclusion that existence is preferable.

Asking whether it would be better never to have existed is not the same as asking whether it would be better to die. There is no interest in coming into existence. But there is an interest, once one exists, in not ceasing to exist. There are tragic cases in which the interest in continuing to exist is overridden, often to end unbearable suffering. However, if we are to say that somebody’s life is not worth continuing, the bad things in life do need to be sufficiently bad to override the interest in not dying. By contrast, because there is no interest in coming into existence, there is no interest that the bad things need to override in order for us to say that it would be better not to create the life. So the quality of a life must be worse in order for the life to be not worth continuing than it need be in order for it to be not worth starting. (This sort of phenomenon is not unusual: a performance at the theatre, for example, might not be bad enough to leave, but if you knew in advance that it would be as bad as it is, you would not have come in the first place.)

A funny satire about Sunday School

From Clickhole: Getting Out Of Hand: The Children In This Sunday School Class Are Overwhelmingly Siding With Pontius Pilate

Sensing that the kids were confused, the teacher then attempted to change the subject and teach the class about Jesus’ message of love and charity, when Bridget once again spoke up and pointed out that “it did seem like Jesus broke the law.” By that time, several children who had previously been coloring pictures of Christ stopped their work to nod in agreement with her and ask why Jesus wanted to hurt Pontius and if Jesus was a bad guy.

In a last-ditch effort to save the class, Ms. Cleary told the students that Jesus was the son of God and our savior—to which Bridget responded that anyone could say they were the son of God, so how would Pontius know to believe him? At that point, the entire class began clamoring to hear more Bible stories about the “amazing Roman governor,” and three kids cried when they found out Pontius Pilate doesn’t show up in the Bible after the crucifixion.

Reductress on: the stupid argument that men needs mothers, wives and daughters in order to be against rape

From Reductress: Amazing! This Daughter Is The Reason Her Daddy Thinks Rape Is a No-No