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Akimbo Comics on: “sex work,” suicide.

From Akimbo Comics (1, 2).

A couple new items in my store…

I’ve added a couple new items to my store: an ironic inspirational wooden block, and a poster. Check it out if you like antinatalist stuff, buying antinatalist stuff, or just looking at antinatalist stuff and not buying it.

The joys of existence.

parents: Congratulations, little boy or girl! You’re going to exist!
embryo: Oooh, what does that entail?
parents: So many things! You’re going to be sentient, first of all. You will experience pleasure and pain. You will feel a wide variety of emotions, some of which will be augmented by your human intelligence!
embryo: That sounds complicated.
parents: It will be! The human experience is such a complex one, due to our high intelligence combined with our primitive instincts! We are probably the only creatures on the planet that have existential woes!
embryo: ….
parents: In fact, we’re creating you to help alleviate some of our existential woes! You will make us feel immortal and significant in the universe, even though we’re not. You will give us a illusory sense of purpose in life!
embryo: Gee, parents, I’m not sure I like the sound of existence. Do you think you could just abort me?
dad: Tough shit, kid. We want a baby.
mom: God wants us to choose life!
embryo: God?
parents: God is one of our many coping mechanisms. You’ll need some of your own to deal with how incompatible the universe is with human needs. We also use positive thinking, distractions, and logical fallacies such as the just world hypothesis.
embryo: Please, I don’t want this!
parents: Your animal instincts will take care of that after you’re born. You’ll want to live even if you’re miserable. Suicide will be extremely difficult to carry out even if you’re in constant agony.
embryo: Holyshitholyshitholyshit! Abort mission! Abort mission!
mom: There are puppies here. You’ll like them.
dad: And rainbows.
mom: We have your life almost entirely planned out for you; we just need to figure out your sex.
dad: You will have a gender identity that matches your sex, and you will marry someone of the opposite sex and reproduce with them so that this cycle of madness may continue for eons.
mom: You will have our political beliefs and religious beliefs.
dad: You will need to have a high-paying job to survive our country’s economic climate. You’re going to be in school for a very loooooong time.
embryo: School?
parents: So you can work for the rest of your life!
embryo: Look, this isn’t right. You wouldn’t make a decision this major for someone who already exists, would you?
parents: But you don’t exist yet. That makes it a-okay.
embryo: This is so pointlessly selfish!
mom: No, not having kids is selfish. That’s what people say, for some reason.
dad: Stop being a baby!
embryo: I haven’t even started yet…
parents: Life will be pretty fun while you’re still little and cute. Look forward to that.
embryo: How long will I not be little and cute?
parents: For most of your life.
embryo: What am I going to spend my life doing, besides what you planned out for me?
parents: We can’t tell you exactly, but you will basically pursue pleasure and avoid suffering.
embryo: Every day for my entire life?
parents: Yes! You must always be doing something to maintain an emotional homeostasis! You will be a reaction machine! You will be pulled by the puppet strings of your physical and emotional needs!
embryo: Whyyyyyyyy?!
parents: Life is beautiful!
embryo: I already disagree!
parents: Stop being a pessimist. Remember what we said about positive thinking?
embryo: This is insane! This is so pointless!
parents: If you hate life so much, you’re just going to die anyway.
embryo: ……………………………………………………….”

A masterlist of transwomen’s violence against women.

There are too many links for me to transcribe it here, but here is the link.

If Modern Anarchists Fought in Spain

From RednBlackSalamander. Go check his other Anarchist cartoons!

Great female minds who got ripped off by men.

From this tumblr post:

Ada Lovelace- Founder of scientific computing, the worlds first computer programmer. Modern computers as we know them wouldnt exist without her innovations.

Queen Seondeok of Silla- Silla was one of the three kingdoms in Korea’s Three Kingdom period and Seondeok was its first reigning Queen. She is well known for setting up the first astronomy tower in Asia and for founding several Buddhist temples.

Cecilia Payne- discovered what the sun was made of. Was then prohibited from publishing her work. Henry Norris Russel republished her work as his own and received all the credit.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell- Discovered the first pulsar. Anthony Hewish took credit and listed her a non involved assistant, he had nothing to do with the discovery. Not only did he receive all the credit, he received the Nobel prize.

Lise Meitner- Co-Discovered Nuclear fission and her male colleagues refused to name her in their publication. The men won the Nobel Prize, and received no credit.

Nettie Stevens- Discovered chromosomes determined sex, when she sent her work to a man for peer review, he published a book of her work passing it off as his own and named her a technician.

Marie Curie- Noted Nobel prize laureate (first lady to earn 2), discovered radium. Barred from many prestigious male dominated academic organizations like the French Academy due to being a female. She was demonized and attacked by men all her life simply for being superior to men in the field, and men in general.

Marie Van Brittan Brown- co-invented home security surveillance that is the precursor of home security systems today. You wont hear her name in history class, not only is she a woman, she is a black woman. ERASED by nasty white men LIKE YOU.

Lucy Terry- Another historical black woman, erased by neo-colonialist white men. This young lady was a teenager when she composed the first known work of literature by an African American person.

Mary Shelley- Invented science fiction. She literally invented a genre of literature, she was teenager when she wrote her first piece. across the northern American continent. While she was pregnant.

Sacagawea- an indigenous american (Lemhi Shoshone) who led Lewis & Clark across the northern American continent. While she was pregnant.
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn- feminist, suffragette, civil rights activist, founded the ACLU

Sarah Parker Remond- worked to desegregate schools and end slavery. Also noted physician- but you wont read about her in your white history books because she is black. Its like you white dudes just threw together some shitty fan fiction and called that history.

Hedy Lamarr- came up with an early technique for spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping, necessary for wireless communication from the pre-computer age to the present day. She invented your wi-fi in addition to being an actress. SUCK IT.

Vera Rubin- Rejected from Princeton because she was female, went to Cornell instead and discovered dark matter while earning her PhD. Went on to make contributions that your simpleminded white male self couldn’t begin to fathom.

Rosalind Franklin: Watson and Crick, who got the credit and the Nobel for discovering the structure of DNA, could never have done it if not for the x-ray crystallography done by ROSALIND FRANKLIN who for many years was almost totally ignored.

Chief Shuing Wu (1912-1997), her two male colleagues won a Nobel prize for her work, experiments conducted by her which disproved the scientific law of “Principle of Conservation of Party”, which was a widely accepted law at the time.

Ida Tacke (1896-1978), made advances in fields of chemistry and physics which were ignored and then later “rediscovered” by her male colleagues, who got the credit.

Ester Lederberg (1922-2006) worked side-by-side with her husband, who won a Nobel prize for work they took equal roles in, while she received no credit.

Henrietta Leavitt (1868-1921), her discoveries revolutionized the fields of astrology and physics (advances that later helped men like Edward Hubble and Harlow Shapley with their work). Since she had no male colleagues, credit wasn’t given to anyone else, it just simply was never acknowledged by the Harvard director. She was later honored after her death.


And this is only a representative sample.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal on: gender stereotypes, prayer, philosophical zombies.

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (1, 2, 3)

Once again: transgender ideology is homosexual genocide.

4thWaveNow reviews the scientific case which shows that the result of transgender advocacy for gender reassignment is the extermination of homosexuality.

But there is another, equally important reason to question medical transition for adolescent girls. According to several peer-reviewed studies (which I will be discussing in detail in this post),

* 95-100% of girls who “persist” in gender dysphoria at adolescence are same-sex attracted; these girls are typically offered cross-sex hormones by age 16, and surgeries as young as 18.
* The typical age that a young lesbian has her first sexual experience and/or claims her sexual orientation is between the ages of 19 and the early 20s.


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