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Please publicize this article widely.

I never ask my readers to get involved or do anything of the sort, but I’d like to ask you to do so now. I recently read this entry from Sublime Mercies, which I think is very important and needs to be seen by a lot more people. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like it’s gotten much attention at all. Please help me in publicizing it widely and telling people about it on social media. Thank you.

If you are not on social media or don’t care much for that article (although I don’t understand why you wouldn’t), then ignore this message.

Close to half of college students report coercive sexual behavior.

I’ve suspected for a long time that the prevalence of rape and sexual abuse are vastly underestimated. This study reports that college sexual assault is prevalent.

In an online survey about sexual activity and attitudes, more than half the men who played an intramural or intercollegiate sport reported coercing a partner into sex. Of the sexually coercive behaviors listed on the survey, including “I used threats to make my partner have oral or anal sex,” almost all met the legal definition of rape…

Young and a team of researchers at four universities also found that almost 38 percent of men who were non-athletes used verbal or physical pressure to engage in sex.

The scientists also found an association between admitting to coercive sex acts and endorsing two distinct attitudes: the belief in rape myths, such as “If a woman doesn’t fight back, it isn’t rape,” and traditional views of gender roles, such as “Women should worry less about their rights and more about becoming good wives and mothers.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson: children are not the problem.

The air show

From Pictures for Sad Children.

An Interview with David Benatar

Antinatalists may be interested in this interview with David Benatar.

RVGN: Many vegan parents hope that, by raising compassionate children, they will contribute to future improvements in the world for animals and humans. Though not every child raised vegan will continue that lifestyle, it does seem plausible that a child raised to care about the suffering of others is more likely to make a positive contribution to the world. Because your argument for antinatalism is built upon a concern for the suffering of others, it seems likely that altruistic people would be more likely to adopt that sort of philosophy.
Are you concerned that by encouraging people not to procreate you could be decreasing the number of altruists in the human population, and therefore slowing ethical progress?

DB: If I am correct that bringing somebody into existence inflicts a terrible harm on that person, we should be worried about prospective parents who are willing to inflict that harm on their potential children in the hope that those children will help spare others suffering. Part of the worry is about those parents instrumentalising their children. How compassionate is it to do that? And what example are they setting? Another worry, however, is whether any child raised even by compassionate people would indeed make the world a better place. In The Misanthropic Argument for Anti-natalism[10], I point to just how much harm humans cause. Vegans, all other things being equal, do less damage than their omnivorous conspecifics. However, even vegans do some damage. Moreover, all other things are rarely equal.

Those who still want to raise compassionate children might consider adopting, thereby saving two birds from one stone. Those who adopt care for a child who would otherwise have had no parents, and they rear it as well as possible. They prevent suffering (of the otherwise parentless child) and they prevent suffering (that that child would cause if it were raised less well).

Kenyan tribe not impressed by pornography.

I don’t think this means much of anything, but I suppose it’s entertaining.

As for the porn thing—sorry to burst your bubble, Reddit users—but the chiefs had indeed already seen porn on someone else’s smartphone, Schiller confirmed.

So what did they think of it?

They weren’t really into it.

“They thought it was fake and not real life, like a cartoon,” he said. Schiller said the chiefs were shocked when told that it was indeed real. “They inquired whether people in America really get paid to be recorded having sex.”

Life is not a game.

Life in human societies is full of games, but life itself is not a game. Ian Welsh discusses the concept of games within life, and life itself (I’ve written about open and close games here).

If you’ve played it, think SimCity – the city simulator. There are no win conditions. If you want to create a huge slum filled metropolis, great. A small utopian community with great public transit? Great. SimCity has no rules, it only has world simulation physics. These physics don’t match the real world, they are an approximation and a theory, and they limit how you play, but they don’t make SimCity a game: it’s a toy, you decide what sort of city you want. You can create your own win situation “when I create a city of 5 millions with an average income of over 50K”, but that’s not imposed by the program. With a ball you can decide you “win” when you can reliably make free shots four times out of five. But ultimately win conditions in a toy are arbitrary: a matter of personal choice.

Who wins life? If you die with the most power or money, did you win? If you did the most good, do you win? If you enjoyed yourself the most? Made great art? Raised great kids? Went fishing as often as you wanted?

The modern version of “women just need a good fuck.”

Purple Sage talks about vaginismus and what it tells us about how we think about female sexuality.

This condition is generally caused by fear of intercourse and previous trauma. The involuntary spasm of the muscles is obviously a defensive reaction against something the body fears. Why does this even need to be treated? Why would you try to remove a defensive reaction from a traumatized woman in order to subject her to the same incident that traumatized her before? (Answer: misogyny.) This is so hateful it’s amazing that anyone can suggest it with a straight face. The treatment for vaginismus is, of course, more penetration. If we lived in a woman-friendly culture, the cure for not wanting to have sex would just be not having sex. The DSM-IV-TR mentions “pairing relaxation techniques with progressively larger vaginal dilators (p1075).” That sounds a lot like “Close your eyes and think of England.” Just relax, ladies, and accept the exact same penetration that caused you fear and pain in the first place, until you finally learn to enjoy it, or at least fake enjoying it. Because it doesn’t matter what women want, it just matters that men can continue to dominate us.