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Perfect Gentleman Does Not Assault Drunk Woman, by The Onion.

COLUMBUS, OH—Describing the fact that he had not caused her any physical harm as a mark of true gentility, sources confirmed Friday that local man Thomas Lowell had been a “perfect gentleman” the night before by not assaulting 25-year-old Leah Pace while she was inebriated. “Leah had a bit too much to drink, but Tom was an absolute gentleman the whole night,” said Pace’s friend Amber Cohen, bestowing the highest standards of chivalry and honorability upon the man for refraining from endangering Pace’s personal safety or exploiting her drunken state to engage in sexual acts without her consent. “Nothing bad happened at all. He’s a really good guy.” Sources later reported that the man who did not harass Pace with aggressive and lewd text messages the following day was a total sweetheart.

American culture is meanness personified.

Ian Welsh discusses how American culture seems to be mean to a degree that exists in few other Western countries. I think the underlying disease is the widespread nature of competition in American society. Or maybe competition is the result of American meanness?

One of the most striking things about much of American culture is the simple meanness of it. The cruelty.

Most of this seems to come down to three feelings:

* My life sucks. I have to work a terrible job I hate in order to survive. I have to bow and scrape and do shit I don’t want to do. You should have to as well.
* Anyone who doesn’t make it must not be willing to suffer as I do, therefore anyone who doesn’t make it deserves to be homeless, go without food, and so on.
* Anybody who is against us needs to be hurt and humiliated, because that’s how I see my superiors deal with people who go against them.
“Life is shit, therefore your life should be shit.”

“What you’ve got is what you deserve.”

There is also a culture of punching down, as commenter Lisa has observed. America has a high-violence, high-bullying society. As Lisa noted you can have a high-violence society in which it is considered unacceptable to attack the weak (doing so is viewed as cowardice), but that’s not the case in America.

In American culture, the weak are the preferred target. Failure is punishable by homelessness, suffering, and death. Sick people sure don’t deserve proper pain medication. Poor people are poor because they “don’t add value.” If you’re poor, you definitely shouldn’t have good healthcare, because if you don’t have money, you don’t deserve money, and that’s because you’re a waste of space.

Feminism works in reducing violence against women. Who’d have thought?

A fascinating study that is monumental in its research scope and ambitions is published in the fall American Political Science Review, the flagship scholarly journal for the discipline. Researchers S. Laurel Weldon and Mala Htun have conducted the largest global study on violence against women. They’re interested in progressive policy change, and how it happens.*

The scope of their data is unprecedented. It includes every region of the world, 70 countries, and encompasses 85 percent of the world’s population. The data analysis alone took five years, and the research itself was conducted over four decades.

Out of this herculean research effort, Weldon and Htun conclude that the “mobilization of feminist movements is more important for change than the wealth of nations, left-wing political parties, or the number of women politicians” in a country, according to the APSR press release.

The authors found that these vibrant and autonomous feminist movements were the first to articulate the issue of violence against women, mobilize political will against it, and catalyze government action. Other organizations, even those with progressive leanings, tended to sideline issues perceived as being only relevant to women.

Once movements have called public attention to the damage of violence against women—it’s a drain on society, and not just women’s lives—those movements have an “enduring impact through the institutionalization of feminist ideas” about violence.”

The trans agenda is a cult, and we have to fight against it.

I have decided that the cult indoctrinators have had free access to her beautiful thirteen year-old-brain for two years now, and that it is time that I intervene and fight for my daughter. I am so grateful for the clarity I have found on this site. Because of this blog and the stories shared here, I am feeling cautiously optimistic that we may have been able to pull her back from this brink. We have closed her Tumblr account. My husband and I have been confronting her about thinking she is trans. We haven’t been yelling or ugly or angry. We have just been telling her what we think, how we are seeing things. Partly because of this blog, we have been able to avoid going through the, “Really? Well if you say so. That is great, I guess!” stage. Right when we got wind of this, we have just been very up front that there is something dangerous going on in society and that we will not tolerate her playing around with this. We are going to continue talking to her.

As a mother and a therapist, I have been stunned and saddened to the extent by which I feel silenced, both personally and professionally. I am afraid to discuss my concerns about my daughter with friends for fear of feeling judged and being accused of being a horrible mom who will damage my child. (Certain friends of mine have circulated petitions decrying thoughtful op-ed pieces in major newspapers that were approaching Caitlyn Jenner’s transition with some well-considered feminist questioning.) I am afraid of speaking up in professional circles about the phenomenon more generally for fear of drawing ire and misapprehension. It is so frightening to think that therapy for my daughter doesn’t feel like a safe option, since the process might be so easily hijacked just by the mention of the word “trans.””

Lyrics to the song Storken Kommer, by Mistro

Lyrics translated:

“welcome to what I call hell on earth
Forced into life out of the vagina on your mother
was not old boy until I saw that the battle was lost
and I prayed to everything holy that no more were created

naive in a scene played behind a facade
before I knew reality would come to my hurt
was just a kid, so it was no saying what
world is rubbish, calling a spade a spade

every second of every life is like a death sentence
parasites on the bones that we are born
give your sick gene to your offspring
For my part, I hope God gives us a flood

faked a smile as long as I can cope
fuck it, no longer afraid to say what
throughout our species is that accident considered
and our whole earth I will forever despise

stork comes, shoot it down
force it back, get it far away
we have enough as it is, we do not need to multiply
Stop it now so nobody suffers more

stork comes, shoot it down
force it back, get it far away
we have enough as it is, we do not need to multiply
misery as far as the eye sees

we all die, so giving birth is to kill
your lack of wisdom makes you not see it
Prices you see fit if opting out to procreate
and you understand the burden it means to exist

the world will probably never be a happy place
the hope was extinguished like a candle under glass
see chaos in our future, a society in fire
I give it a short time before my fucking fortune becomes true

so why be responsible for that someone will suffer
why throw someone in the mill that I call life
to a place of evil in the broad and wide
I would guess that your ego is subject

it is my view on it that someone gets to
the injustice that affects your children it’s your own fault
for you were aware of it here before
so the blood is on your hands if your child dies”

“This generation is the worst.” — Socrates

From xkcd.

A message to people who are mad at me for defending the Asymmetry.

Listen, people, if your arguments are so poor that they’re either patently illogical or straw men of what I wrote, and you keep bringing them up over and over even though I’ve already refuted them for you, I’m going to just ban you. I don’t have time to waste on pointless idiocy like this. I don’t know why I’m getting antinatalists over here trying to attack the Asymmetry, let alone doing it with such terrible logic, but I’m not gonna go easy on you because you’re on my side. Not only are you wasting my time, but you’re making us all look bad, and we really, really don’t need the help. Also, blabbering about counterfactuals and referencing another flawed rebuttal of the Asymmetry doesn’t cover for your stupidity. Please, please, for the love of Bob, at least learn how to use basic logic before you start expecting everyone to agree with you.

Cultural Marxism!

From Manfeels Park.


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