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Three year old wears tutu, man hassles its mom

Frankly, I’m surprised this was the first time it had happened to them.

Shattuck said the man told Roo that she was a “bad mommy” and a child abuser. He then took out a phone and started snapping photos of Roo.

“Now everyone will know,” she said he told them. “You’ll see.”

Is it possible to cure dysphoria?

23XX says that she cured her dysphoria. Whether you believe it’s possible or not, she deserves a fair hearing. If dysphoria can be cured, then why put children through endless hardships?

The most important factor in my healing has been time. This is something I could not understand at nineteen. Healing from anything takes time. It takes sitting with something difficult and not destroying yourself over it. Time allowed me to understand that I could make it through a bad day because I had done it before, over and over. Time allowed me to look back and see that I had made progress. Understanding that healing takes time helped me keep moving forward without a clear path, knowing that I would reach another lookout point again even though I did not know when.

I want women, ftms, and other female people with dysphoria to know that healing is possible. I am not dysphoric anymore.

Get over it. Osama won.

Ian Walsh talks about the after-effects of 9/11. The fact is that 9/11 was a resounding victory for Osama Bin Laden. His murder does not change that fact.

And Islamic groups and revolution spread, and if the US wasn’t defeated, well, all the money, men, and attention spent on Iraq did contribute to the great financial crisis, and Muslims learned that they could beat the US if they were willing to take enough pain doing it.

Osama won. He got much of what he wanted. He must have praised Allah mightily for making his enemies attack Iraq.

As for the US, the “state of emergency” declared after 9/11 is still in effect. The Patriot Act is still in effect. The Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) is still in effect. These are the Enabling Acts of Bush’s republic–and of Obama’s.

US citizens did, in fact, lose many of their freedoms and a great deal of their prosperity as a result of 9/11.

Where are the transgender people in other eras?

4th Wave Now asks a very pertinent question: if gender is innate, and transgenderism has always existed, then where are the reports of transgender individuals before the current era?

Try as I might, I was unable to discover any evidence of ancient trans kids who so hated their own bodies that they demanded either psychological or medical interventions. No records of boys wanting to hack off their penises or girls desperate for “top surgery” to remove their despised breasts. It’s quite certain, given their zeal for surgical interventions, that the ancient physicians would have been more than happy to oblige; after all, if they could perform surgeries to treat urethral strictures and cataracts, a double mastectomy or penile remodeling would not have daunted them. Even experimental attempts would have been documented.

And what of suicidal behaviors? Trans activists (and their media handmaidens) often warn that failure to prevent the “wrong puberty” in a truly transgender child may lead to suicide. If “transition or suicide” were the ironclad certainty activists insist it is, there would have been a sufficient number of ancient Roman or Greek trans tweens threatening to kill themselves unless freed from their “wrong bodies” to have merited at least a mention in the prolific works of ancient historians and physicians.

Because indeed, the Greeks and Romans did write extensively about suicide; it was a well known phenomenon at that time, discussed by philosophers and historians alike. Without doubt, suicidal children offing themselves because of the unbearable misery of being trapped in a mistaken body would have been well documented.

Trans advocates are juvenile and idiotic.

If you need any more proof, check out this analysis of a trans safe sex guide by Purple Sage. FRONT HOLE? FRONT HOLE FLUIDS?? These are seven year olds giggling about “bad words.” It’s deeply unprofessional and humiliating, not just to women but to transgender people as well.

The ultimate PUA guide?


If you see a hot broad wandering around by herself in a public location, that means she’s a prime target for your advanced PUA skills and if any police officers beg to differ, remind them about a certain document… perhaps you’ve heard of it… it’s called “The Constitution” and promises the pursuit of happiness and he is illegally impeding you which is punishable by Head Judge of Courts. Approach the target wearing casual camouflage netting and throw a rock at her head that says “UR UGLY. PROBABLY FAT. WANT 2 EAT & SEA A MOVIE?” The target, now negged, will feel bashful and stupid (as is the typical female’s reaction), and she will agree to your date.

Take her to the most expensive restaurant, something that has all lowercase letters in its name and intentionally lacks the necessary vowels to form an actual complete word. Demand she pay for the entire meal because she’s wasting your precious time you could’ve been spending leveling up an elf at home on your computer. Then when she asks what movie you’re taking her to see, reply “oh it’s a movie you’ll never forget, trust me.” Then laugh maniacally. Make sure the lighting is below your face so you look extra psychotic (psychosis makes womens’ loins wet with pleasure).

As you lead the woman down a twisting 13-mile trek through a portion of woods full of stones and boulders, eventually ask her “who’s your favorite actor?” (pretend like you care). She will inevitably say “The Rock,” because women are all superficial bitches who are obsessed with money and muscles and wealth and strength and bad boys. Reply “well you’re in luck, because you’re about to meet The Rock!” Then beat her with a stick until she passes out and you can have your way with her because when she wakes up you tell her it was just a dream and she owes you money for the movie tickets you were forced to purchase because she was too lazy to wake up.

thegynocrat on antinatalist radical feminism

*Discourse Flashback*

Remember the height of the RadFemTumblr debates and drags that happened between Radical Feminists that have the part of the politics that are critical or against natalism and hetpartnering versus het-attracted and/or -partnered feminists, perhaps ‘rad-leaning’ in certain ways such as being anti-porn and somewhat gender critical, who are pro-natalism and not het critical who think that Radical Feminists against natalism “hate mothers” and “hate children?”

Well, here’s the thing: the RadFem anti-natalist stance is not about “hating mothers” or “hating children” (even though it’s true that some of us sometimes feel annoyed by kids and annoyed with the defensiveness of het mothers over not wanting to question heterosexuality and motherhood or think critically about it).
In fact, anti-natalist RadFems are listening to mothers and critically reflective hetpartnered women.

They are mothers who have come to realize that the positive popular societal and cultural narratives about motherhood bringing women life fulfillment, purpose, and ultimately happiness, turned out to be a bittersweet myth or a flat-out lie.

And we’re listening to these mothers.

I have lost count of the number of mothers and mothers as clients who have, on their own impulse, decided to warn me about motherhood and partnering with men*. Too many of them have encouraged me to avoid both motherhood and men for my own happiness, social life, education, and career’s sake.

I’ve been warned time and time again by mothers and hetpartnered women about the pitfalls and drawbacks of het-marriage or het-relationships and the mommy track.

I’ve lost count of the number of mothers who have told me about how much they regret motherhood and hetpartnering. How both set them on a life course away from a single childfree life of self-exploration, adventure, educational and occupational opportunities, social independence, and free time for themselves when they could focus and prioritize their relaxation, aspirations, needs, wants, health, and goals without a boyfriend, husband, and/or kids to detract from all of that or to distract them.

And these het mothers who have shared with me are mostly newcomer, low income, and/or working class women, often women of color, who cannot afford to pay ongoing, long-term, child caretakers to tend to their kids’ needs while they study, work, run errands, be sociable outside the home and outside of family life, and more.

Too many of them regret motherhood and partnering with men.

Too many of them have told me that they’d hate to see me have my own ambitions, success, studies, social life, and free time crushed or lost under the additional stress and demands of a mothering het life in which, as someone assigned the feminine sex role due to being female, I’d be primarily tasked with completing unpaid domestic labor a.k.a unpaid housework such as cooking and cleaning, and childcare that saps me of my energy, takes up my schedule, and consumes my time.

I’m a childfree RadFem against compulsory motherhood and pro-natalism not just because of “theory” (as if anti-natalism is entirely abstract and detached from “real life”), but because I’m listening and payingattention to the women who have been through childbearing and childrearing, often while matched with men, and I don’t discount or dismiss what they’re telling me.

Pro-natalism and compulsory motherhood is an issue and it’s a part of what oppresses women and puts us at a disadvantage.

I wish more tumblrradfems (or just RadFems in general) and ‘rad-leaning’ feminists took it seriously.

Since this is a heteronormative society, the automatic assumption made by virtually everyone IRL is that I’m attracted to men. This assumption is also partly due to the fact that in a lot of public and professional settings I’m visibly feminine-presenting, although not heavily. If people perceived me as “butch” or I presented as more gender-non conforming my sexuality wouldn’t be so often assumed as heterosexual. I agree with lesbian feminists who argue that butch and gnc women have more lesbian visibility (this does not mean that they’re “privileged”, it actually can endanger them more). Also, I do not want to put myself on the spot by daily or regularly ‘outing’ myself to correct people who advise me about men and het relationships as if I’m het-attracted because that’s a risk I can’t yet take.*

A funny MRA parody from Clickhole.

From Clickhole: Sorry, Feminists, But If Discrimination Against Men Doesn’t Exist, Then How Come Eagles Keep Grabbing Me By My Penis And Pulling Me Into The Sky?

It’s a simple matter of examining the evidence. Any SJW claiming that “reverse sexism” is a myth is ignoring the fact that every single time I walk outside, a shrieking eagle swoops out of the sky, clutches my penis in its talons, and flies away with me into the clouds as my cries for help grow fainter and fainter over the horizon. This is a struggle that I have to endure several times every single day, and it’s a direct result of my gender.

Now, before the feminists fire up their outrage machine and start tearing me apart on Twitter, let me just ask you this: When a woman walks outside, does she ever have to fill her pockets with stones in a futile attempt to make herself too heavy for an eagle to lift her by the penis up into the sky? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Yet when my pocket stones are too heavy for just one eagle to lift me, a second eagle often comes to help it, and the two eagles latch onto my penis together and fly with my flailing body into the woods. It often takes weeks for me to hitchhike my way back home.