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Separationism is a privilege that men claim for themselves but not for women.

Men are scared shitless of feminist separationism, because separationism is a privilege that men want to claim all for themselves, as Jocelyn MacDonald explains in her entry Maybe what feminism needs is separatism, not inclusion.

Under patriarchy, women are defined as beings unable to say no. Whether overly sexual or nurturing and indulgent, “woman” is a person who has boundless capacity for self-sacrifice. In fact, she exists only in relation to a man. Men are the default people, and women are both men’s reflection and their shadow. A woman who separates defies this definition.

In the act of separation, women expand the idea of what females are capable of, what we look like, and who we love. Women come up with new language with which to self-define, but we often can’t change the language of those around us. “Generally,” says Frye, “when renegade women call something one thing and patriarchal loyalists call it another, the loyalists get their way.” But while saying something does not make it so, creating one’s own community makes space for shared language.

“When we take control of sexual access to us, of access to our nurturance and to our reproductive function, access to mothering and sistering, we redefine the word ‘woman.’”

Men, of course, are the master separatists. They refuse to make room for women even in relative trivialities like movies and video games. Just look at what MRAs say about Mad Max: Fury Road and Gamergate.

When women try to separate, to create space for ourselves to think, to relax, to heal, to organize, to learn, all fucking hell breaks loose.

A perfect example of the skeptic mentality.

For those of you who read my satire “You’re all a bunch of SHEEP!” and thought I was going overboard, here is a great example of what happens when one of those skeptic morons start demanding proof for things that are not scientific statements. It’s just abusive. No one has any obligation to provide “proof” of their sexual orientation.

Clickhole pokes some fun at religious people and Creationists.

A nice trick by Clickhole, as they manage to satirize religion in two different ways in the same entry: The Stories In ‘The Flintstones’ Are Powerful, But They Probably Didn’t Literally Happen

We may never know whether the woodpecker who played Fred’s records with its beak really said “It’s a living” afterwards. We weren’t there. And ultimately, it doesn’t matter if Wilma never actually used a tiny elephant as a vacuum cleaner, because the core of the show—a flawed but hardworking caveman who cares deeply for his family and pet dinosaur—remains intact.

These stories aren’t just about the Stone Age—they’re about us. It would be a mistake to dismiss the entirety of The Flintstones just because Fred didn’t literally slide down the tail of a brontosaurus after he was done with work. These stories are merely metaphors for the deeper truths in our lives.

Akimbo Comics on: the nature of evil, social progress, anthropocentrism.

From Akimbo Comics (1,2,3)

Jesus v Jeezus

From A Good Cartoon.

Why men like evolutionary psychology

Men like Evo-Psych because (despite an abundance of theories on the evolution of social groups) it basically comes down to this: As far as evolution is concerned, the only criteria that matters is the reproduction of the species. By definition, this is a lens that allows them to reduce women and their value to the role of sexual reproduction. Since this is how/why patriarchy was invented, it fits so nicely into their rhetoric. It’s not that they are misogynist for focusing on women as sexual objects, it’s just science. This allows them to ignore the fact that the use of this framework is a choice.

The “Logical Anarchist”… LOL

So this voluntaryist dude has taken onto himself to make this video to “refute” my list of objections to voluntaryism. Frankly, I’m not interested in seeing it, because his written analysis is so disjointed (with a grand total of zero propositions demonstrated) that I don’t expect his video to be any better. But hey, knock yourself out if you want to waste an hour of your time.

Dinosaur Comics on: ethics problems, Ancient Greece, babies.

From Dinosaur Comics (1, 2, 3)


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