Who wishes they had never been born?

A mildly interesting abstract from the American Journal of Sociology. Make of it what you will…

Although juvenile suicides in the United States are negligible, the wish never to have been born occurred to about 30 per cent of a widely scattered sample of adolescent boys and girls. This wish occurred most frequently among children with high scores (poor adjustment) on a test of neurotic traits and also among those rated by their teachers as poorly adjusted socially, emotionally, and on conventional moral traits. It also occurred most frequently among children from homes which lacked harmony and intimacy between parents and children. Social contacts were less closely associated with the wish than were home conditions. The wish never to have been born, which may be considered as an evasive attempt at adjustment, indicates both a poorly adjusted personality in the child and lack of unity and harmony in the home.

Are we at peak trans yet?

Nina Paley addresses the future where the trans cult will be over, and reflects on what we will think about this bleak period of backlash.

So right now we’re in the midst of a kind of Liberal mass hysteria. There have been crazes like this in the past: actual witch hunts, McCarthyism, the lobotomy fad of the mid-20th century, the “false memories” of the 1980’s. It could be worse; maybe it will still get worse. But like other trendy hysterias, this will pass.

And when it does, what will you, my (former?) friends, be saying about it?

“Oh that, that time was so weird!” you’ll say, perhaps with an eyeroll or giggle.

Or, “I always knew it was wrong.” You’ll think you were the one who stood up for sanity back then. You’ll forget that you were in fact declaring you were on “the right side of history,” virtue-signaling with your civil-rights-appropriating memes, while shunning and condemning women like me. You will forget.

You will forget that you said “sex is a spectrum, we don’t understand biology.” You’ll forget you vehemently argued that “female brains” can be trapped in male bodies, “it’s SCIENCE!!!” You’ll forget you said “assigned male at birth” as if sex is assigned by transphobic doctors and not observed by anyone with eyes and a brain. You’ll forget that every time someone pointed this out you said “intersex and clownfish!!!” as though they disproved reality, because of some creationist-style sciency-science-denial that supported your politics.

Agency-based genderist menstruation fact sheet.

from: Miriam Lafferty
subject: Re: Fact sheet revision 11/21

We’ve been working hard at follow the new guidelines regarding respecting people’s agency. I think you will be happy with the results. We have really put the emphasis on people’s agency and the choice to PIAPIADHstruate or not. I agree with you that the last thing we want to do is deny people’s agency, and portray gender-neutral PIAPIADHstruators as victims of their own bodies. As always, send to Reginald for final approval. Thanks.


What is PIAPIADHstruation?

PIAPIADHstruation (piya-piya-th-STRAY-shuhn) is a person’s voluntary monthly bleeding. When you decide to PIAPIADHstruate, your body sheds the lining of the egg-cave (or “woowoo”). PIAPIADHstrual blood flows, following your sense of self and body identity, from the egg-cave through the small opening in the ladystick-blocker and passes out of the body through the front hole (or “vajayjay”). Most PIAPIADHstrual gender-neutral-periods last from 3 to 5 days, depending on your personal preferences.

What happens during the voluntary PIAPIADHstrual cycle?

In the first half of the cycle, determined by your own choice, levels of pinkstrogen (the “PIAPIADWist hormone”) start to rise. Pinkstrogen plays an important role in keeping you healthy, especially by helping you to build density-normative bones and to help keep them density-normative as you get youth-challenged. Pinkstrogen also makes the lining of the egg-cave (or “woowoo”) grow and thicken, through the power of your will. This lining of the egg-cave (or “woowoo”) is a place that will nourish the potential future human whenever you decide to start a gender-neutral-impregnation. At the same time the lining of the egg-cave (or “woowoo”) is growing, an egg (or “vroom vroom”) in one of the inside balls starts to mature. At about day 14 of an average 28-day cycle, depending on when you choose to start it, the egg leaves the inside ball. This is called ballulation.

After the egg has consented to your decision to leave the inside ball, it travels through the phallupian tube to the uterus. Hormone levels rise in accord with your determination and help prepare the egg-cave’s lining for consensual gender-neutral-impregnation. A person is most likely to get gender-neutral-impregnated during the 3 days before or on the day of ballulation, although it can happen any time you put your mind to it. Keep in mind, people with cycles that are shorter or longer than average may ballulate before or after day 14, but your cycles are, as always, the result of your conscious decision-making processes.

A person becomes gender-neutral-impregnated only if they want to, and the egg is fertilized by a wriggler cell and attaches to the egg-cave wall. Either a PIAPIADW or a PIAPIADH can become gender-neutral impregnated, because everyone has agency and no one is a passive agent in any biological process. Either party can donate the vroom-vroom or the wriggler cell that must combine for fertilization, because biological sex is a lie and we choose how our gender is expressed biologically. If the egg is not fertilized, it will break apart. Then, hormone levels drop, and the thickened lining of the egg-cave is shed during the PIAPIADHstrual gender-neutral-period.

What is a typical voluntarily chosen PIAPIADHstrual gender-neutral-period like?

During your gender-neutral-period, you shed the thickened egg-cave lining and extra blood through the front hole, or any other hole you choose. Your gender-neutral-period may not be the same every month, depending on how you feel. It may also be different than other people’s gender-neutral-periods, because everyone chooses different kinds of periods. Gender-neutral-periods can be light, moderate, or heavy in terms of how much blood comes out of the front hole. This is called PIAPIADHstrual flow. PIAPIADHstrual flow can be experienced by both PIAPIADHs and PIAPIADWs because, once again, biological sex is a lie and anyone can do anything they set their minds to, and we all have agency to accept or reject any experience we want. If you are a PIAPIADH, it is perfectly normal to experience a gender-neutral-period, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to deny your agency, which means they are standing against your fundamental human rights. Consult a doctor who has chosen to not be biologically-prejudiced for valid medical help.

When does a person usually get his/her first voluntary gender-neutral-period?

The simplest answer is: whenever they want. In the United States, the average age for a person to get his/her first gender-neutral-period is 12, but this average is useless because it is based on entirely subjective decisions which do not affect you in any way. You may start your first gender-neutral-period at the age of 8, 12, 16, or 52. In fact, some older people experience age-regression and become prepubescent again, thus experiencing their first gender-neutral-period for the second, third, fourth, or any number of times.

Choosing to be sexually attracted to people who are 13 years old or older is called ephebophilia and is perfectly normal. If you are an adolescent person, click on this link to learn how to have safe relationships with ephebophiles and how to use your agency in order to be more attractive to adults.

Something Awful on gender mansplainers.

From Something Awful: A Treatise on Gender by Todd from Accounts Payable

Simply put, women are unfit for office work.

Any ladies out there may be shocked after reading the above sentence, but I assure you I am not sexist. In fact, I base my findings on several peer-reviewed studies written by some of the top Redditors out there. The truth is, biologically, there are certain things women are better at, and even though they don’t make money and can easily be performed by simple machines, these tasks are much better suited to the female brain. Women do not excel when placed in the high-stakes and competitive world of business, and have problems paying attention during prolonged conversations, like when you’re trying to explain the nuanced differences between the different Doctors in Doctor Who. (Which I will no longer be watching as women are also biologically unfit to be timelords.)

Does this mean I want every workplace to be completely free of women? Yes, it does. But this desire comes from a place of sympathy for the fairer sex. Can you imagine what it’s like to be a woman in the office? (Women, please stay quiet on this one.) All you want to do is watch soap operas, go shopping, and continue to not return my calls, and there you are, trapped in a hell your biologically different brain can’t possibly tolerate. Plus, you’re just on your feet all day long. Why go through this misery when you can instead be on your feet all day at home in front of a hot stove, where you’re free to stand on as many cushions as you want to for the sake of comfort?

Sinfest on masculinity.

From Sinfest (1, 2, 3)

Robert Newman on Dawkins-style evolution

I didn’t care about this interview with novelist Robert Newman, but I found this particular passage very interesting:

“Darwin’s theory of evolution has been hijacked by quite a narrow individualist philosophy that derives from Hobbes and I think it’s having a terribly negative effect. It’s giving people a very pessimistic idea of human nature. What I think Dawkins has done is brought back a particularly virulent form of original sin. He’s actually a deeply religious thinker – ‘We are born selfish therefore let us try to teach altruism’, ‘If your genes are selfish, you are.’ Not true.” Warming to his theme, he continues: “It’s a virulent repudiation of Darwin. What Darwin says is that those communities which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members would flourish best and produce the most offspring.”

“I’m arguing that cooperation drives evolution as much as competition – I’m not discounting competition but cooperation is there as well. Dawkins is a reactionary thinker and he does a lot of damage. The universe he imagines couldn’t exist for five seconds. People say “It’s the law of the jungle isn’t it?” “It’s dog eat dog.” Well dogs don’t eat dogs – very rarely. Look at African hunting dogs – if they don’t share they get rolled in the dust and made to. Kropotkin – responding to Darwin – saw how if a buffalo falls in a ditch the rest of the herd make efforts to rescue it. Contrary to what male primatologists were saying in the mid-70s about baboons, it’s not about a dominant male with his harem of submissive female. They organise around a female kinship network. If a male wants to join the group he has to know a female and even then has to serve a probationary period in which he proves his work by performing foster care – looking after offspring that are not his genetic material. You can look at sterile female ants too…” He trails off, pauses, grins.

“We’re bringing pornography into our relationship.”

    June 14

Dear Diary,

Callie and I seem to have hit a lull in our sex life. I don’t understand why she’s not enthusiastic about me putting my dead weight on her and ramming her over and over. I think it’s great. Well, anyway, we’ve talked about it and we’ve decided to bring pornography into our relationship. Pornography should give us some new ideas, as well as renew passion for sexual congress in the both of us. But mostly Callie.

    June 17

Dear Diary,

We’ve had quite an interesting time lately. At first, it started with a slur or a moan hanging in the air, like a bad smell. We kept to ourselves, not wanting to provoke it, just letting it happen naturally. Today we finally had our first manifestation. A naked guy and a naked woman, called Gus and Susie, were in our house all day, just having sex everywhere. They had sex on our dinner table, they had sex in the kitchen, they had sex in the shower, they had sex pretty much everywhere except in the bedroom. Really violent, rough sex. Well, suffice it to say that we had to clean up a LOT of fluids. Where they got it from, I have no idea, but they just kept going at it all day.

While it was a big hassle to trip over them all the time and have to clean up after them, once they were gone, we did have really good sex. So there’s that. I guess pornography does help. We’re going to continue inviting pornography in our relationship and see what happens.

    June 19

Dear Diary,

Well today was a bust (and I don’t mean the boobs kind). We invited pornography in our relationship again. The doorbell rang and we answered it. It was a pizza delivery man. We told him we hadn’t ordered any pizza, but he came in and opened the box. His dick was in it. His dick was in the pizza box. He waggled his eyebrows suggestively. We laughed. It was a funny joke for a few minutes. He kept coming up to us, opening the box, and waggling his eyebrows. But after hours of this, it was getting pretty tiring. It seemed like he got pretty disappointed that we wouldn’t… do anything about it. He became rather dispirited and hid from us in a closet. Eventually, he disappeared.

I hope pornography has something better in store for us next time.

    June 22

Dear Diary,

We invited pornography in our lives. When we got to the kitchen, we saw a woman’s body on the table. We looked at her, and we figured out she was dead. All blue, cold, with the blood pooled at her back. We left the kitchen and didn’t come back. She was gone the next day.

Suffice it to say that our sex life is shit right now.

    July 3

Dear Diary,

After much discussion, we decided to let pornography back into our relationship. We have decided to give it one more chance after the previous fiasco. Pornography is supposed to teach us about how to have better sex. Well, this time, it was even worse. There was a girl, about 15 years old, and she kept screaming about how she was kidnapped and how she was filmed being raped without her consent, and how she wants to go back home to her family. We tried to console her but it was just impossible. She just kept screaming and crying all day. She tried to escape through the front door, but whatever force had brought her here did not allow her to exist outside of our house. We knew she was gone when we stopped hearing her constant crying.

We don’t really want to have sex any more. Pornography is shite.

    July 12

Dear Diary,

Callie did it again. In defiance of our agreement, she let pornography back in. I hate her for doing this to us, after all that pornography has done to our sex life. We can barely look at each other any more. Anyway, she let it in, and then, a woman appeared on our sofa. There was no one else around, but she was definitely choking. Despite the fact that she was choking all day, she never died. She just kept getting choked endlessly. At first, we were really worried, but there was nothing we could do. We got desensitized to it after a while. When she left, we barely noticed it at all.

I really need a divorce…

Med schools have students practice pelvic exams on unconsenting, anaesthetized women