Why have liberals bought into the genderism of the transcult?

Susan Cox discusses the resurgence of the bigoted, pseudo-scientific belief in “male brains” and “female brains,” and its hallowed history.

In a recent episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Netflix show, he explained that that a person could have “a male brain in a female body,” saying, “It turns out you can’t tell the gender of a brain just by looking at it.”

Thanks, Bill. Good to know that, just like Victorian era scientists said, I might have a male brain in my female body. As a woman in the male-dominated field of philosophy, with sharp logical skills and no interest in fashion, who has rejected marriage and children, I could be viewed as an anomaly within my sex – exhibiting a “masculine mind” by some strange mistake of fate. Victorian scientist Herbert Spencer would blame this on my neglect of “the maternal functions,” arguing that if my body had produced milk for my “due number of healthy children,” I would then possess the naturally feminine “mental energy.” Science!

Spencer’s explanation for the existence of gender nonconforming women sounds ridiculous today, but it was necessary in order to support the idea that men and women were inherently different. “That men and women are mentally alike is as untrue as that they are alike bodily,” he wrote.

Our historical amnesia is troubling. We seem to have forgotten that the idea of innate difference between male and female minds was used to exclude women from political and intellectual life, and to deny them basic human rights of self-determination in the not-so-distant past.

The Handmaiden’s Tale is already happening… but not to white women, so no one cares.

Glosswitch discusses the newfound popularity of Handmaiden’s Tale, and how it’s already happening in surrogacy hostels.

It’s easy to mock the pretensions to pro-life piety of a pussy-grabbing president. But what about the white liberal left’s insistence that criticising the global trade in sexual and gestational services is “telling a women what she can and cannot do with her body” and as such is illiberal and wrong? “Individual choice” can be every bit as much of a false, woman-hating god as the one worshipped by the likes of Humphrey and Trump.

One of the most distressing scenes in The Handmaid’s Tale takes place when Janine/Ofwarren has just given birth and has her child taken from her:

“We stand between Janine and the bed, so she won’t have to see this. Someone gives her a drink of grape juice. I hope there’s wine in it, she’s still having the pains, for the afterbirth, she’s crying helplessly, burnt-out miserable tears.”

Right now there are women suffering in just this way. Only they’re probably not white, nor middle-class, nor sitting in a twee white bedroom in Middle America. Oh, and they’re not fictional, either.

Born Sexy Yesterday

Is aggressive behavior innate?

Alfie Kohn gives the evidence to support the position that human nature is probably not innately aggressive or peaceful.

* Even if a behavior is universal, we cannot automatically conclude it is part of our biological nature. All known cultures may produce pottery, but that doesn’t mean there is a gene for pottery making. Other institutions once thought to be natural are now very difficult to find. In a century or two, says University of Missouri sociologist Donald Granberg, “it is possible that people will look back and regard war in much the same way as today we look back at the practice of slavery.”

* Aggression, in any case, is nowhere near universal. Montagu has edited a book entitled Learning Non-Aggression, which features accounts of peaceful cultures. It is true that these are hunter-gatherer societies, but the fact that any humans live without violence would seem to refute the charge that we are born aggressive. In fact, cultures that are “closer to nature” would be expected to be the most warlike if the proclivity for war were really part of that nature. Just the reverse seems to be true. The late Erich Fromm put it this way: “The most primitive men are the least warlike and . . . warlikeness grows in proportion to civilization. If destructiveness were innate in man, the trend would have to be the opposite.”

Just as impressive as peaceful cultures are those that have become peaceful. In a matter of a few centuries, Sweden has changed from a fiercely warlike society to one of the least violent among industrialized nations. This shift — like the existence of war itself — can more plausibly be explained in terms of social and political factors rather than by turning to biology.

* While it is indisputable that wars have been fought frequently, the fact that they seem to dominate our history may say more about how history is presented than about what actually happened. “We write and teach our history in terms of violent events, marking time by wars,” says Temple University psychologist Jeffrey Goldstein. “When we don’t have wars, we call it the ‘interwar years.’ It’s a matter of selective reporting.”

* Similarly, our outrage over violence can lead us to overstate its prevalence today. “Every year in the United States, 250 million people do not commit homicide,” Goldstein observes. “Even in a violent society, it’s a relatively rare event.” It is difficult to reconcile a theory of innate human aggressiveness with the simple fact that most people around us seem quite peaceful.

How many casualties are acceptable for your favourite form of exploitation?

When it comes to pornography, I have a NO ACCEPTABLE CASUALTIES policy. Meaning that if even 1% of the women in porn are raped, I find the industry repugnant.

This is my policy to almost everything. 1% of strippers abused in a strip club? Unacceptable. 1% of women abused in sweatshops that sell my clothes? Unacceptable, Ill buy things used. 1% of prostitutes are pimped? Unacceptable, you’re a piece of garbage for risking abusing a woman.

And although I know the numbers are higher, that the casualties mount higher and higher each day, I want these pro porn people to know:

Even if rape is as rare as you think it is in this industry, why are you still willing to risk that the woman in your masturbation fodder is being raped? That she’s trafficked? That she’s underage? That she’s too high to consent?

Ask yourself why you have an acceptable level of casualties when it comes to women.

I’m giving you a count of three!

Roger, we’ve been friends for thirty years now. I have tolerated quite a lot of your erratic behavior. I have tolerated you not repaying a loan of 10$ which I gave you when you ran out of gas. I have tolerated you speaking back to me in elevated or covertly hostile tones. I have tolerated you criticizing my family members. But now I will tolerate your behavior no longer.

Now you listen to me here! No one cares what you have to say! I tell you what to do and you will do it because I told you to! You are being very disrespectful and I am quite sick of your attitude. You had better stop this right now. I’m giving you a count of three to straighten up your act, otherwise you’re in Big Trouble! ONE… TWO…

Are you calmed down now? Can I continue, or are you gonna keep fussing? You had better listen to what I tell you, or I’ll put you in Time Out. It’s for your own good.

Yes, you gotta go to work. Why? Because I say you have to, that’s why. That’s how the world works. It’s not fair? Well, life is not fair. Get used to it. No one wants to hear your fucking whining. Everyone has to go to work and they like it! Why do you have to stick out? Do you think you’re better than everybody else?

Come over here. I said come over here! ROGER! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE RIGHT NOW! Look at me when I’m talking to you! If you keep whining, I’m not taking you to the bar any more! You’re embarrassing me! Everyone’s looking at you and your bad behavior.

I heard you’ve been misbehaving at work. Your boss told me that you said a swear word. What the fuck is wrong with you? Who taught you that? Not me. Did you get that from one of your friends? That Michael, your friend who works in Sales, is a really bad influence. I told you not to listen to him. He’s a bad person. I forbid you from seeing him any longer. Why? Because I told you to, that’s why!

I don’t know what your problem is today, but you have a bad attitude. Do you want to go in Time Out? I’m giving you five seconds to calm the fuck down.

If you’re bad, Santa Claus won’t give you any gifts this year. He’s gonna skip your house! He’s gonna think, why would I give anything to an ungrateful adult like that? Santa Claus doesn’t like bad adults, it just pisses him off. He sees everything you do. EVERYTHING. Even that one time when you stole one of my macaroons. I forgive you, but Santa doesn’t.

I have to keep you under control so you’ll be a good person in the future. It’s a hard job, you know. And how do you repay me? All you do is sit in front of the television and talk about income tax rates or health insurance premiums. Never a kind word for me, even though I’m the one who takes care of you. Of your future. Making sure you become a happy and productive member of society, instead of a whiner. I need to teach you responsibility, so you’ll be better equipped in the future.

Stop talking to Michael. He’s a bad influence on you. He’s in with the wrong crowd. I don’t care who you like. You will do what I tell you.

News about this blog.

I’ve been running this blog for eleven and a half years. I am also currently working on another book (my first fiction novel). These two factors may be contributing to my current blog writing drought. The fact of the matter is that I write these entries months in advance, so it’s actually been many months since I’ve written anything. The first entry coming after New Year’s is a satire I wrote, and after that it’s gonna be all links. So the blog will continue, but without the long entries I used to write. Whether I will find the inspiration to write again on here, is hard to tell. I just have no more ideas. Well, I hope you enjoyed my writing and I hope you will keep enjoying this blog. There is plenty of archived materials on here for people to read. So please enjoy it. :)

The normalization of anal sex.

The author of this post has asked to remain anonymous.

“I have to wonder how many teenage girls first learn about anal sex via rape, as I did.

Normalizing anal sex only increases the already heightened pressure on girls to perform sex acts which have very little to do with love. The problem with being “sex positive” is that it is not the same as being love positive; it is not positive at all, when it comes to feelings, feelings which for adult women are complex when it comes to sex, and which for teenage girls who are forming a personal and sexual identity during an impressionable time of life particularly should not be navigated lightly. Yet that is exactly what articles like this aim to do: normalize “kink” and extreme sex acts for teenage girls–and teenage boys–a population for whom necking and dry-humping with someone you like, someone who is also learning, should still be the height of excitement.

I was raped by my much-older boyfriend as a teenager, and I didn’t call it rape for years, because I didn’t know a person could be raped by someone she was in a sexual relationship with. I didn’t know anything about “grooming,” or what that meant, even as it was happening to me; I had never received any sort of education about consent, or about sexual respect, boundaries, or about how to look out for myself in a world full of men who cared little for my humanity but a lot for what they could do to my body. Imagine how much harder it will be for teen girls to identify rape by boyfriends in a world in which they are supposed to be “the cool girl?”

For all those who love anal sex, I’m so happy for you. I suppose you have not experienced anal rape on more than one occasion, as I have. I also suppose you have not been coerced into it on other occasions. I guess you have never had a boyfriend angrily shove his thumb up your ass because you said “no” to anal sex, and he inferred you had done it with other men but would not with him. I suppose, though, that is better than a boyfriend who rapes you with his penis for saying “no” to anal, isn’t it? Who would have thought that when I finally got the wherewithal to say “no” to something I had always found painful and degrading, I would be forced anyway, and that when I was finally old enough to know you could be raped by someone you were sleeping with, it wouldn’t matter anyway?

I feel quite certain more girls are anally raped now than ever before, because of porn, and that more men feel more entitled to do that to a woman who says no, because articles such as this in a publication like Teen Vogue tell them that girls and women are being unreasonable when they make this sex act off-limits.

FTR, my most recent rapist ex apparently has preferred anal since he was a teenager, which means he has been coercing girls and women for a long time. It was quite clear it was all about “conquering,” about regaining power after perceived rejection, with him. For other men, it was also clearly about this kind of power, the rush they got from coercing and degrading a woman (or, for some, the validation and acceptance they felt in her complete surrender), as well as the desire to “own” every part of a woman’s body; for a few it was merely about entitlement, which is an expression of power in and of itself, a power which is arrogantly assumed rather than one which is violently sought.

More power to you, anal-lovers. I’m so glad you survived your adolescence and young womanhood thus far unscathed, and don’t have to do any of the tough kind of soul-searching of trying to figure out just *what it is about me* without veering into victim-blaming territory. If only my sex life were as easy for me as “enjoying or not enjoying anal.”