Just don’t pay your taxes!

Tax-law denial flim-flam is adapting to the times. I have heard many times about the concept of “withdrawing military taxes.” A recent story on The Picket Line highlighted to me just how retarded that concept is:

In 2001, Jenkins withheld part of his federal income tax from the IRS, putting it instead in an escrow account and informing the IRS that he would surrender it to them on the condition that the money would only be used for non-military spending.

In 2003, the IRS sent Jenkins one of their intent-to-levy letters and Jenkins filed a Collection Due Process request. The IRS quickly denied relief, so Jenkins appealed to the Tax Court, which shot down the appeal in 2005, adding a $5,000 “frivolous filing” penalty to boot.

There are two enormities in such a line of conduct:

1. It is absurd to believe that withdrawing a part of your income tax proportional to the military budget meant that your money won’t be used to fund the military. The State doesn’t give a shit about what you believe: it will take a proportional percentage of your money and fund the military anyway. There are no dollar bills marked “for the military” : any money can be used to finance anything, whether you object to it or not.

Let’s face it, the State and its supporters don’t give a shit if you object to an expenditure or not. If you object, they’ll just tell you to vote against it next time, as if your vote had any importance at all. It’s not like you ever get the chance to vote against specific expenditured anyway. When was the last time you had a chance to vote against, say, the US Army, or the FDA, or the legal system?

2. The IRS is a criminal organization, and telling the IRS that you intend to break their rules of extortion is an open invitation to be attacked.

How often do you walk up to criminals and tell them that you don’t want them to steal your new stereo? As my friend Zhwazi pointed out while discussing this issue:

Tell the mugger ‘here is my wallet, as you asked, however I also have an additional twenty dollars in my other pocket which I will not give you because you will spend it on lame rap CDs.’

This is absurd behaviour, and betrays a complete lack of class consciousness because it assumes that the IRS is a friendly but deluded agent of society. Taxation is predicated on extortion, that is to say, the use of threats in order to steal money from others without a prior agreement. The IRS is a criminal organization, and it uses the State’s crime-friendly courts (when not outright using their own) to commit its crimes. Anyone who refuses to acknowledge this is deluding himself for the sake of his own comfort, nothing more.

Yes, taxes fund the organized criminality of war. But it’s far worse than that. Your taxes don’t just pay for war. Taxes pay free, crappy health care for the murderers who come back from those wars, too. Taxes pay the war profiteers. Taxes pay for foreign aid to dictators and terrorists. Taxes pay for the apparatus used to spy on you, and soon for national ID cards too. Taxes pay the War on Drugs. Taxes pay for the murderous FDA. Taxes pay for the State’s thug police, which is used to enforce the State’s unjust laws. Taxes pay for the State’s road monopoly, the State’s bank and currency monopoly, and the State’s court monopoly. Taxes pay armies of bureaucrats whose job it is to boss over you. Taxes pay for “urban planning,” “eminent domain” and otherwise asserting the State’s total ownership of the land you live on. Taxes pay for the rape calls (jails and prisons) and for the indoctrination cells (public schools).

It’s all or nothing. Even if you pay only one cent in taxes, that cent will go to evil purposes. And, if you are scared of getting caught, there are relatively easy ways to pay zero taxes while maintaining complete “legality.”

So why are you still paying taxes?

4 thoughts on “Just don’t pay your taxes!

  1. djrothbard January 31, 2008 at 00:23

    with the Federal Reserve (inflation) and Congress’ ability to decide to borrow money from other countries like China, even if we all stopped paying taxes we’d still end up paying for all the wars, monopolies, and all the other crap simply through losing the value of our currency.

    i’d love to stop paying taxes, but i just got a new job and just filled out a W-4. any way around that?

  2. Francois Tremblay January 31, 2008 at 00:25

    Here is one method I refer people to:

  3. […] this by stating that they do not want to give money to certain causes. I have already written on why this is bollocks. To the government, a dollar is a dollar and is just like any other dollar. They don’t have […]

  4. Bob June 18, 2009 at 07:41

    Damn I need to find the information relevant to the UK for this

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